Johnny O'Neal Likely To Stay Local

West Laurens High School (Georgia) linebacker Johnny O'Neal has been getting a lot of attention since his sophomore season. That attention continues to grow as both in-state schools look to gain his favor.

Johnny O'Neal is getting letters from schools across the country. "Georgia Tech, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Michigan, and Miami are just a few of the schools." His phone has also been ringing with calls from many of those same schools.

The schools contacting O'Neal are recruiting him as an inside linebacker. The coaches recruiting Johnny feel that the inside is his best position but he could also play on the outside.

One of the coaches that Johnny has been talking to is offensive line coach, Mike Sewak from Georgia Tech. "He says that Georgia Tech has me as a high priority on their recruiting list for 2013.

O'Neal and Sewak have built a good relationship in the time they've known each other. "He's very informative about the school and keep me informed about their plans. He says I am an important piece of their recruitment for middle linebacker for the 2013 class."

Georgia is another school that has been talking to O'Neal. "I talk to their coaches too".

Johnny has three schools that top his list and eventually it may turn out to be an in-state battle for O'Neal's commitment. "Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Florida comprise my top three." O'Neal knows there is a lot of time left in his recruitment but for now those three schools are his favorites.

The schools recruiting O'Neal will begin holding their Junior Days in a few weeks. For now, Johnny has plans to attend the Junior Days at three schools. "I know I am going to the Junior Day at Georgia Tech and I feel sure that I will go to ones at Georgia and Miami. At this time, the only one that he knows he will attend will be at Georgia Tech.

During the season, O'Neal had a chance to get acquainted with two of the schools on his list. "I went to the Georgia game with Auburn and the Georgia Tech game against Georgia."

O'Neal has thought a lot about when he'll make his college choice. "If everything goes well for me, I can see myself making a summer time decision." Johnny doesn't see the decision dragging out any later than the end of his senior season. Top Stories