Antonio Crawford is Solid Gold and White

Tampa Plant defensive back Antonio Crawford has been a commit to Georgia Tech since July. His senior season gained the attention of several schools that started recruiting him. Following his official visit to Georgia Tech this weekend, Crawford talked about his commitment to Georgia Tech.

The trip to Atlanta cemented Antonio Crawford's commitment to Georgia Tech. "It was great. I loved every thing about the trip." Antonio let us know that he will not be taking anymore visits. "My commitment is firm and I know I made the right choice."

The trip was an educational one for Crawford. He got to learn a lot about the program and the school. "I was able to tour and see the academic side of things and I really liked what Georgia Tech has to offer academically." Antonio also learned more about the city of Atlanta and he liked what he saw. "It is a great city and I feel at home there and at Georgia Tech."

Crawford also got a chance to hang with his host and former teammate Anthony Harrell. "I also hung out with B.J. Bostic, Vad Lee, Louis Young, and Errin Joe a lot. All of them had great things to say about Tech and that they love it there."

Antonio also spent some time with defensive coordinator Al Groh and defensive backs coach, Charles Kelly. "Both Coach Groh and Coach Kelly want me to get some time in as a nickel back and if I work hard I could push for some playing time." Both coaches are looking forward to getting Crawford on the practice field.

The news from both defensive coaches made Crawford feel good. "I love to compete as it makes you a better player. Crawford plans to come in and work as hard as he can to earn that playing time.

Antonio felt there wasn't one thing that he didn't like about the trip. "I loved every part of the visit. It just showed I made the right choice back in July."

There was also another recruit on the visit that caught Antonio's eye. "There was a huge lineman, Freddie Burden who got an offer and made his commitment to Georgia Tech. He is one big dude." Top Stories