Mykal Moody Big On Academics

Athlete Mykal Moody has been hearing from the Georgia Tech coaching staff, and as he gathers information about the football program, he is inching toward making a visit to the Atlanta campus.

Residing in Conway, South Carolina, Mykal Moody is currently wrapping up his junior season on the basketball court at Conway High School. But in a few weeks, roundball will be done and he will be turning his attention back to visiting schools where he holds an interest when it comes to playing college football.

One of those schools is Georgia Tech, and his recruiting coach Mike Sewak has been communicating with Moody over the past few months in an attempt to get him to visit the school and check out the program. A few things have Moody interested, but one aspect is most important of all.

"They're high on academics at Georgia Tech, and academics are high on me," Moody said, citing academics more than once as a reason for making his final decision in 2013 or sooner.

The Yellow Jackets are recruiting Moody as a quarterback, and though he hasn't run the triple-option offense at Conway High, he does feel he possesses the skills to be a successful quarterback in Paul Johnson's offense.

"It's a solid program with a nice offense," Moody said. "We've run the spread option, so I already know I can throw and run it and my reads are good."

Moody is talking to his family about the next step, and speaking with the coaches about setting up visits in the near future. But as of right now, he has no visit to Georgia Tech planned. He says he will be making attempts to do so when basketball season ends.

"I definitely want to meet the coaches and see if I can make a living in Georgia," Moody said. He added that he doesn't mind the short distance between his home in South Carolina and Atlanta, saying that he just wants a degree from a solid school while playing college football at the next level. Top Stories