Travin Henry Gets Call He Was Waiting For

Adel, Georgia athlete Travin Henry was down to three schools this past week until Georgia Tech Coach Andy McCollum called Travin to offer him a scholarship and an official visit this weekend. We talked to Cook County coach, Ken Cofer and he told us how he thought things would play out.

Travin Henry had visited Georgia Tech prior to the phone call from Coach McCollum. The news was what Travin was waiting to hear. "Travin was ecstatic and overwhelmed by this. Henry had basically narrowed his list to Memphis, UT-Chattanooga, and Middle Tennessee State."

The offer from Georgia Tech changed everything. "He called all three schools and informed them that he was going to go on the official visit and most likely commit to the Yellow Jackets. I can tell you, I am very happy for Travin."

Coach Cofer was willing to go on record about Henry committing to Georgia Tech. "Well, I will go on record and say that if he hasn't made that commitment already, he will some time this weekend." Travin really wants to stay in state and feels he can't pass up this offer. "I can tell you it was very emotional when we talked about it after Coach McCollum called him with the news. We had a good thirty second hug as this was something that Travin really wanted."

Coach Cofer is a big Travin Henry fan. "Let me say first and foremost I am a Travin fan despite me being an Auburn fan. When Travin goes to Georgia Tech, I will also be a Georgia Tech fan."

Cofer described Henry as a hard worker who will do great academically at Georgia Tech. "He is an extremely hard worker in the classroom and has the up most respect from his teachers. On the field he is team player and he set the record for receiving yards this year." Cofer played Henry mostly as a defensive end a lot during his other years as well as wide receiver. "He is a great player that can get separation as a wide receiver and on defense he is a great tackler and and can cover very well."

As a gifted athlete that can play offense or defense,the question arises as to where he would play at Georgia Tech. "At first we thought he was going to be a wide receiver but Coach McCollum talked about him being an outside linebacker in the 3-4 they run. Travin is an excellent defender."

Henry is 6'3 ½"-220. Coker describes him as a big-time athlete. "He'll be fine where ever they want him to play and he will work very hard to put his best foot forward and not be out worked by anyone."

"Here at Cook County we treat each other as family and if Travin goes up there and feels like he does when he's here, I'll think this happened for a reason and he will be just fine. Once he feels comfortable there, I will be very happy for him and be the biggest Travin Henry fan." Top Stories