Niederreither Speaks About Temple Decision

Red Land, Pennsylvania lineman Bret Niederreither took his final official visit to Georgia Tech prior to Wednesday's signing day. Following the visit, Bret sat down with his parents and made his college choice.

Bret Niederreither described the trip to Georgia Tech as "great". "I really had a fantastic time and enjoyed every thing we did."

Bret was impressed with the facilities and the variety of things to do on campus and Atlanta. "The coaches at Georgia Tech are great and you can tell they really have the interests of the players in mind when they talk to you."

A numbers crunch at Tech found Bret leaving without an offer. "Coach Johnson told me that they were in a numbers crunch and had an offer out to a defensive lineman that they have been recruiting for a long time. He told me that there it was very possible an offer would open up and if it did it would be mine."

Leaving Atlanta without an offer helped make it easier for Bret to make his college choice. "I have decided to commit to Temple. They have really been on me telling me how much they want me and not only that but that they really need me there."

Bret is looking to get immediate playing time at Temple. "They don't have a lot of depth on the defensive line and that combined with the fact my parents wanted me to go to Temple and it is close to home it was a decision that was easy for me.

Niederreither knew he had a spot at Temple if he gave them his commitment and he didn't want to be left out in limbo if the offer from Georgia Tech didn't come. "I made a decision and I feel good about it."

Distance from home wasn't a huge factor in his decision but it did play a role. Bret felt a 10-12 hour drive would be tough on his parents. "I talked with Lucas Cox and he told me how great Georgia Tech is and the distance wasn't a big deal but he understood if I didn't choose Tech. He said he knew I had to go where I felt I needed to go."

In spite of his decision to attend Temple, Bret had a lot of positive things to say about Atlanta and Georgia Tech. "Both were great. I did really enjoy my trip and I enjoyed my time with the other two recruits there with me. The players there were great hosts and we all got along with one another." Top Stories