Dickerson: GT Enters Picture, Moves to Top

Trey Dickerson is a classy 2012 point guard, who has yet to announce a commitment. Yet, he is a high on Georgia Tech's list for next year and the feeling is mutual. The 6-1, 170 pound senior at Los Angeles' Price High School also has some revealing bloodlines.

Trey Dickerson has been out of the spotlight having just recently resumed his senior season at Price. In spite of the down time, he is getting a lot of attention. "I have offers from Niagara, Siena, Loyola, Montana State and I'm waiting to hear something from San Diego State."

A new school has entered the picture for Dickerson. The new school is Georgia Tech and they have gotten Trey's attention. "I'd say Georgia Tech is coming after me the hardest. Assistant Georgia Tech coach, Josh Postorino was recently in Southern California to see Dickerson lead his team to two wins.

The attention given Dickerson by Tech and Coach Postorino looks to have moved them to the top of his list. "They're my favorite right now. I like their coaches and I talk to (Tech signee) Chris Bolden almost every day (by phone)."

The next step for Dickerson and Georgia Tech may be a trip to Atlanta for an official visit. "I don't have plans yet but I'll set something up soon."

Trey has had time to think about what his priorities will be as he goes through the selection process. "My relationship with the coaches, their style of play, and academics will be the things I'll be looking at with each school."

That decision by Dickerson may not be far off. "I may make my decision right after the season ends or maybe even before that."

When it comes time to make that decision, Trey will be talking to some well-known basketball greats. "I will discuss it with my parents, my cousin Alex, Dallas Mavericks player Lamar Odom, and former NBA and current TNT NBA basketball host, Kenny Smith, who's a friend."

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