Georgia Tech Recruiting Targets: Quarterback

Georgia Tech will have 5 Quarterbacks on campus this fall but the position will still need to be addressed this recruiting season. Why? Well, two of the three returning QBs, Suggs & Camp, will be in their final season on The Flats.

Position: Quarterback 

Current Depth:
Damarius Bilbo, A.J. Suggs, Brian Camp, Patrick Carter, Reggie Ball

 Needs in recruiting:

Georgia Tech will have 5 Quarterbacks on campus this fall but the position will still need to be addressed this recruiting season.  Why?  Well, two of the three returning QBs, Suggs & Camp, will be in their final season on The Flats. 

In addition, we have two Quarterbacks arriving on campus in fall that, while highly touted athletes, are still unknowns at the quarterback position.  Cater or Ball are also good enough athletes to likely be able to move to another position if the need arises. 

We would have had a sixth QB on campus, but Al Pena packed his things and headed back to Texas after a brief stint at GT where he stopped by only long enough to complete one spring secession of football practice.  

Bilbo, a redshrit sophomore this season, looks to be the only true QB commodity we will have to lean on for the next few years.  And even Bilbo has yet to establish himself completely.  At best case if Carter and/or Ball are excellent quarterbacks; it is probably wise to have more than 3 on the roster. 

I think we are in a good position to keep a balanced roster by bringing in 1 QB per year.  Therefore I think it is imperative for us to garner a commitment from at least one QB and if numbers allow, we could probably take a chance on a second QB that maybe isn't as polished but is athletic enough to play anther position and has a high upside. 

Initial strategy:

Coach Gailey seems to agree with me that adding a QB to the team is a priority.  We have already offered three of them according to published reports.  Also, what does GT seem to be looking for in the way of quarterback? 

Well, we seem to be staying away from recruiting "smaller" QBs.  I have not seen too much talk of heavy interest in QBs under 6'2".  In addition, we seem to be staying away from the bigger, lumbering drop back only players (with only 1 exception so far).  Most of our targets seem to be between 6'2" and 6'4" and weigh between 180 and 210.  This would seem to go along with Coach Gailey's plan of bringing in athletic quarterbacks that can run as well as throw the ball. 

Specific Targets:

Cornelius Ingram, Sean Glennon & John Parker Wilson apparently all have early offers from GT.  Ingram, from Florida, will likely be a tough one to get because just about every team in the Southeast and beyond has offered him as well. 

He is also requiring that teams offering him allow him to play basketball as well.  He claims to have over 30 offers to date.  He doesn't really sound set on playing football long term and could be a guy that eventually sticks with hoops.  I'd say at this time we are just 1 of many he's looking at. 

Glennon, from Virginia, seems like a guy we have more of a realistic chance with.  Sean has some "sick" stats over the last 2 years: 42 touchdowns versus 7 interceptions.  Our initial competition seems to be Virginia Tech & Wake Forrest but I think he likes us a good bit, and we're well in it with him.  I'd probably tag him as our best possibility at this time because there seems to be some mutual interest. 

Wilson, from Alabama, is another two sports guy.  He has an offer from GT to play football and baseball.  He also ran a 4.5 40 last weekend, so he has some speed.  As much as he likes GT, we will likely be second on his list for a while since his main love seems to be Clemson.  Clemson has offered, along with Tech, Duke and MTSU, so they may be hard to overcome.  We may come in second on this one but he's one to keep a close eye on. 

After those three, other names  mentioned with Georgia Tech include: Paul Cianciolo, Anthony Orio, Cullen Harper, Patrick Bryant, Thomas Arnold, Calvin Booker, Blake Field & Jordan Reever. 

Cianciolo is the exception to the size constraints I listed, on the high side.  He's 6'5", 228 and known as a drop back QB.  Not sure how far GT will take it with him but he doesn't seem to be ideal for our game plan size-wise. 

Orio, from New Jersey, still has many teams on the top of his list.  He may camp at GT, so coaches will have a good chance to evaluate him and see if he's a good fit. 

Harper, a Georgia boy, has been talked about a good bit on this site already.  We currently sit in his second group of teams behind Clemson, Auburn & Georgia.  It may be tough getting over some family connections to other teams.  His father played football at Georgia, and he has a half brother at Auburn.  He will also camp at GT, so that does help. 

Bryant is probably more likely to play baseball but Tech and other schools are still pursuing him pretty hard.  Arnold is the exception, on the small side.  He's 5'11", 175 but runs a sub 4.4 40-yard dash.  He is the kind of player I was talking about above when I say we could bring in a second QB with athletic ability and upside. 

GT probably doesn't want to bank solely on a QB under 6-feet, but as we all know, those types of quarterbacks can lead your team to great places a la Joe Hamilton. 

Booker is one to keep an eye on.  He's a taller prospect out of Mays HS, where we have a good foothold in recruiting.  He currently lists us in a group of his current top 5.  Field is a Florida QB that transferred from Cairo, Georgia.  He's another formerly rural Georgia player that seems to be real gaga over Georgia.  Only East Carolina has offered him so far. 

Reever is another guy somewhere on the radar.  He'll be at camp this summer, so we'll have to see then what the coaches think of him.  He currently has an offer from Syracuse, so he's off to a nice start. 

Since there are several quarterbacks on the list without offers but will be attending our summer camp, I suspect we'll see some of these names become more prominent in our discussions.  More offers are likely to show up at that time at well. Top Stories