Ryan's Ramblins - 2012 Big Picture Recap

This week begins a weekly recruiting roundup from our very own Ryan Bass. This week he discusses who signed with Georgia Tech in the 2012 class and what that means for the Jackets going forward.

2012 Big Picture Recap – Summary

GoJackets.com continues its series to help you get a view of the big picture in recruiting. With National Signing Day over and Georgia Tech's recruiting class completed, GoJackets.com is taking a position-by-position look at the 2012 recruiting class. To kick off this particular series, we'll do a brief summary of the class.

GT Class Overview

Position Mix

Offense (8)

QB Justin Thomas, Dennis Andrews

AB Marcus Allen

WR Travin Henry, Micheal Summers, Anthony Autry

OL Chase Roberts, Freddie Burden

Defense (8)

DL Francis Kallon, Roderick Chungong, Adam Gotsis, Pat Gamble

LB Tyler Stargel, Beau Hankins

DB D.J. White, Lynn Griffin

ST (1)

P Ryan Rodwell

Notes: The offense-defense split was dead even in the end. Nine (9) guys have departed from the team since the end of the season from the offensive side of the ball and seven (7) from defense, plus one (1) from special teams. With an 8-8-1 mix, it pretty well replaces those numbers which were depleted from graduation, NFL, and any other reasons. 17 commits is the smallest numbers for the Yellow Jackets since the 2006 class where Tech signed only 14 players.

The "State" of the Class

Georgia 8

Florida 4

Alabama 3

Maryland 1

Victoria (Australia) 1

Notes: As you would expect, almost half of the class is from Georgia though it's the lowest number from the state since the class of 2008, which also had eight. Tech continued a long running streak of taking players from neighboring Alabama that began with the 2004 class and Florida which began in 2003. The Maryland has the marks of the Al Groh connection. And finally, this is a new one but Tech went overseas to nab one from Australia.

In the "Stars"

4 stars 2

3 stars 11

2 stars 4

Notes: Thomas and Kallon top the list as the top ranked players in the class and the only 4-star players on the list for GT in 2012. There were none in the '11 class so they are Tech's first 4-star guys since Louis Young, Shawn Greene, and Ryan Ayers (no longer at Tech) from the '10 class. In '09 the 4-star guys were Stephen Hill (heading to NFL), Roderick Sweeting, Jordan Luallen (no longer at Tech), and J.C. Lanier. In '08 there was one Omoregie Uzzi. Going into the season there will be a total of seven (7) former 4-star players. Three (3) of those guys are expected to start. As a comparison, the '07 class had nine (9) 4-star players. This will be the first team on the field in which all players were signed by Coach Paul Johnson – though Chan Gailey began the '08 class.

Rankings (2002 to Present)

2002 – 51 2.25 O'Leary/Chan (FSU, UVA, Clemson, Maryland, UNC, NCSU) 7th

2003 – 34 2.62 Gailey (NCSU, FSU, UNC, UVA, Maryland) 6th

2004 – 35 2.42 Gailey (Miami, FSU, Maryland, UNC, NCSU, UVA, VT) 8th

2005 – 48 2.53 Gailey (FSU, Miami, UVA, VT, Clemson, NCSU, Maryland, Duke, UNC) 10th

2006 – 49 2.57 Gailey (FSU, Miami, Clemson, UNC, Maryland, VT, Duke, NCSU, BC) 10th

2007 – 15 3.35 Gailey (Miami, UNC) 3rd (13, 14, 15)

2008 – 37 2.90 Gailey /Johnson (Miami, FSU, Clemson, VT, BC, NCSU, UNC) 8th

2009 – 32 2.95 Johnson (UNC, FSU, Miami, Maryland) 5th

2010 – 41 3.00 Johnson (FSU, Miami, Clemson, UNC, VT, GT, MD, BC) 6th

2011 – 42 2.73 Johnson (FSU, Clemson, UNC, UVA, Miami, BC, VT) 8th

2012 – 58 2.88 Johnson (Miami, FSU, Clemson, VT, UVA, Maryland, UNC) 8th

Notes: As a historical comparison, it's not a very good story. Everyone has their opinions of rankings of course but this will rank as the worst Georgia Tech class since Scout.com has done rankings over the past 11 years. The #58 ranking is based on a below average individual star ranking along with low numbers. The low numbers are a result of a lack of open scholarships (two spot were left open from the 85 player limit). And I understand there is disagreement from the fan base on not filling up those numbers. Additionally, Tech signed an unevaluated player from overseas and a punter, so those will automatically get the minimum two stars. The rankings could have been different too but, as we all know, there were a lot of changes toward the end of the recruiting season. We'll get to that in more detail during the position-by-position articles.

In terms of average stars –regardless of class numbers – it was a middle-of-the-pack class for Tech – better than '11, '06, '05, '04, and '02. The last two years mark and end to a pretty good run of average stars ranking that had Tech class hovering at 2.90 or higher from '07-'10. The 8th place finish in the ACC for the past two years marks a return to being ranked in the back half of the conference, which hasn't happened in a non-coaching transition season since '06.

Those figures itself aren't the entire tale. Filling needs and getting talent at important positions count as well. The devil is in the details. As we look deep into the recruiting class by position, we'll point out the highs and lows of this past year's recruiting season.

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