DeVine Has a Tough Decision

Tri-Cities offensive lineman Shamire Devine is no stranger to the Georgia Tech campus. Devine returned to campus last Saturday along with a few teammates and other recruits to get a closer look at the Georgia Tech campus and to see both the athletic and the academic side of things.

Profile - Shamire DeVine

"I loved every minute of the visit." Shamire talked with the coaches and got to see all of the new facilities. "I've been to the campus many times but it seems to get better each time."

The coaches let DeVine know that he was a priority in the 2013 recruiting class. "They talked to me about my education and how a degree from Georgia Tech can help me after football." Shamire had a chance to see how many of the players from recent seasons have gotten great jobs and how valuable a degree from Georgia Tech is to a student and an athlete.

The best part of the trip for Shamire was seeing the computer labs. "The computer science building was great. Even though all the sports facilities are top notch, this was something special to me."

DeVine knew before the visit that Georgia Tech was one of his two favorites. The visit helped to reinforce that. "Georgia Tech along with Georgia are my two favorites right now."

Shamire had made a previous visit to Georgia prior to his trip to Georgia Tech. Right now he doesn't have any definite plans for future visits. "I will look at the schedules and decide what days and which schools I will go see practice and which spring games I will attend."

The decision between the two in-state schools will not be an easy one for Shamire. "Georgia Tech has some great things to offer a student-athlete and Georgia also has some things going for them.

For Shamire, it is going to come down to which coaching staff he feels the most comfortable with and which school makes him feel at home. "It is going to be tough but I will make the best decision for me."

"I will decide after the season." DeVine will take some official visits to be sure he is making the right decision. Spending a few days on campus will help him decide if that is where he feels at home. Top Stories