Visit To Tech Could Tip The Scales

Class of 2013 running back Kyle Scales said he hasn't spoken to Georgia Tech coaches recently, but that's OK – he's already accepted their offer to make a trip to the campus when spring practices get started.

The junior out of Greater Atlanta Christian School made a visit to Georgia Tech in January, and he said he really enjoyed what he saw while on campus. In fact, Kyle Scales believes this could be a possible final choice when it comes to Signing Day 2013.

"Georgia Tech is a school I could really see myself at," Scales said. "I liked everything I saw, especially the new indoor football practice fields."

A-backs coach Lamar Owens spoke with Scales, and the two talked strategy for giving the recruit his best chance to get an offer from the Yellow Jackets and thrive if he decides to play for Georgia Tech during his college career. Since Scales is a smaller running back, he would be asked to play the A-back position, a challenge he seems excited to take on.

Scales is confident that an offer is coming from the Georgia Tech coaching staff, because they have given him reason to believe it is on its way this spring. At 5-foot-9 and 165 pounds, the coaches have suggested adding a little more weight, and then Scales should be exactly where they want him to be.

Several other schools have expressed interest in Scales – he said that Oklahoma State, Florida State, Mississippi State and Auburn are also pursuing a visit from the junior. He has already set up a visit for a spring practice at all of those schools except Mississippi State. Scales said he intends to make another visit to the Flats for a spring practice when the Yellow Jackets begin training again.

Perhaps we will know more about Scales' chances of getting an offer when that visit is concluded. Top Stories