Commissiong Adds a New Offer

Bishop McNamara (Forestville,Md) defensive lineman Darius Commissiong has received offers and interest from some of the top programs around the country. His latest offer, and the coach recruiting him, has piqued his interest in that school.

Profile - Darius Commissiong

Georgia Tech is the latest school to offer Darius. "I was talking with Coach Groh and he extended an offer to me. I was very excited to get the offer."

Darius likes the fact that Coach Groh is recruiting him for Tech. "He knows everything about how to work a defense and is a great mind from a defensive stand point." Darius knows that if he went to Georgia Tech, he would be like a sponge around Coach Groh, absorbing everything he has to teach a defensive player.

Groh let Commissiong know that he likes his versatility. "He said I could play defensive tackle and on passing downs move to defensive end to keep me on the field."

The idea of playing both positions intrigues Darius. His high school team will be playing the 3-4 scheme this coming season so he will have a chance to play both positions. "I like it to be honest."

Commissiong is already familiar with the Atlanta area having family that lives close to the Georgia Tech campus. It is a school that he is seriously considering. "I love the direction of the program, the coaching staff, and I love how high the standards are there."

The offer from Tech brings his total to ten. "Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, North Carolina State, East Carolina, Boston College, Syracuse, Virginia, Maryland, Iowa, and UMass are ones that have offered me."

Darius is not close to naming a leader. "I want to see as many schools as I can and when it comes time to make my decision, I want to be able to have everything in front of me to make the best decision I can." Right now it looks like Darius won't be making that decision until right before signing day.

The school that can give Darius the opportunity to succeed on and off the field will be the one that will catch his attention. "If there is a coach that can get me to the NFL then that is great but if the NFL isn't in my future I want a school that will prepare me for life after football."

Darius will be traveling to Morgantown next week to visit West Virginia. He also has plans to visit Boston College. "In the next few days, I want to get with my parents about coming down to Georgia Tech in April, maybe for the spring game." Darius feels they will make that happen. Top Stories