Heyward Hopes To Return Tech To Glory Days

Former Peachtree Ridge and Hargrave Military Academy point guard Corey Heyward gave his verbal commit to Georgia Tech Sunday evening. The road to Tech was not a short one for Heyward.

The road to Tech ended with a visit to campus on Friday. "It was a great visit and I really loved every part of my visit. The visit led to Corey Heyward committing to Coach Brian Gregory Sunday evening.

Heyward's connection to Georgia Tech began with several visits from assistant coach, Chad Dollar. "He told me that he liked my play and that Georgia Tech was very interested in me."

From there,Coach Brian Gregory took over the recruitment which led to a long phone conversation between Gregory and Heyward. "That was hard for me as I am a text type guy when using the phone but talking with Coach Gregory was easy and great."

Coach Gregory let Corey know that he wanted him to be a part of the new Georgia Tech. "I am good friends with Chris Bolden and we have talked and he kept me informed about the new Georgia Tech."

"Looking at the campus you can tell that Georgia Tech isn't only a football school. Corey got to see the new practice facility, student lounge, and the new McCamish Center. "The facilities are off the chart at Georgia Tech."

"Coach Gregory is bringing in new players and installing his system to have Georgia Tech basketball get back to the glory days." Heyward is happy that he'll be part of that.

Corey and Coach Gregory had a long talk about his role at Georgia Tech. "I know Mfon is there but Coach wants me to come in and be able to give Mfon a chance to rest or move over to the two spot if needed." Gregory is looking for Corey to bring his energy and toughness to the team.

Heyward's playing time will depend on how he adjusts to his role. "If I work hard and show him I can do the job, then I will get a lot of minutes."

Corey describes himself as a pass first point guard. "Assists mean more to me and the team than my points." Corey also has the ability to break down the defender and take it to the hole.

Defensively Heyward is an in your face defender. "I am not afraid to be physical and apply pressure to my man to keep him from not only scoring but not even getting the ball."

Tech wasn't the only school recruiting Corey. "UConn wanted me and my family to come up there for a look but I don't think we would have been able to make that trip."

Other teams recruiting Heyward included Georgia State, Appalachian State, Robert Morris,and Niagara. "Georgia Tech and UConn come after me in mid season."

Heyward is familiar with the other members of the recruiting class. Chris Bolden and Corey are friends from his days at Peachtree Ridge. "I've seen Robert play as well as Marcus." Corey is looking forward to getting to Georgia Tech to meet the rest of the players.

Corey has completed his time at Hargrave and will enroll at Tech for the semester beginning on May 14th. Corey spent the extra year at Hargrave to refine his skills and get additional major offers. "My grades were excellent and I took college type courses at Hargrave and not ones to boost my grades."

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