Georgia Tech Recuiting Targets: Wide Receiver

Georgia Tech will need multiple commitments from receivers this February, period. We are starting to get precariously thin at this position where we are already low on experience.

Position: Wide Receiver

Current Depth: SE: Levon Thomas, Nate Curry, Xavier McGuire, Eddie Lee Ivery Jr.
FL: Jonathan Smith, Mark Logan, Chris Dunlap

Needs in recruiting: Georgia Tech will need multiple commitments from receivers this February, period. We are starting to get precariously thin at this position where we are already low on experience. In addition, our best current receiver, Jonathan Smith, is a senior.

After Smith, we have a group of 3 juniors (Curry, Thomas, Logan) that will be counted on heavily for contributions. So, when looking two years down the road, we have but 3 scholarship receivers that, to this day, have not seen one live-action play. It may be possible to get by with only two receivers in this class but, if numbers allow, it would probably better to bring in 3 receivers with this class.

Tech would like to go into any given season with 8-10 scholarship receivers, and we are currently at seven so past recruiting classes have failed to properly look forward at possible losses. Adding 2 this year would put us again at the minimum of that range, eight, with no room for other losses. So, it's easy to see why I'll be really hoping for more attention to be paid to this position in this recruiting class.

It would be a nicer balance to bring in about 2 per year. We were in a position to do that last season but only brought in Dunlap. It's possible that one of our current incoming freshmen quarterbacks, Ball or Carter, could have a future at WR. If that appears to be a more likely scenario by the end of the football season, then I'd become more comfortable with adding just 2 receivers. On this day though, I say bring in a trio.

Initial strategy: In the past two seasons, we seemed to have addressed the receivers later in the recruiting process than other positions. It started to look that way again this recruiting season, but the number of receivers that we seem to be showing interest in seems to be increasing more lately. Hopefully we'll show a bit more of a sense of urgency in regards to bringing in quality receivers earlier in the game.

What type of receivers does Coach Gailey like? Well, it's hard to completely pin down just yet. He seems to favor taller receivers but looks like he wouldn't be against bringing in smaller prospects that have really good speed. I really like this philosophy, if indeed that is what he's doing. Receivers need height more and more these days since defensive backs are getting bigger and still have speed. But Tech also want to bring in the best talent.

There are many shorter receivers out there that can help us. We should know because we've buttered our bread with shorter receivers in the recent past with the likes of Campbell, Glover, Watkins & Jonathan Smith just to name a few. With all things equal in talent though, I'd like to have the taller player. I think we'll see more targets in the 6'3"-6'4" range than we usually do. The thing is though, everyone wants those guys too.

Specific Targets: Calvin Johnson, Carl Grimes, Johnny Peyton & Brandon Barrett all for sure have offers from GT at this time. There are some others that may but I cannot get good enough information yet to say for sure. These first three though are all super targets.

First off is Johnson, from Sandy Creek High in Tyrone, GA. He is likely our number one target as a receiver and should probably be one of our top targets overall. I'd like to see Coach Nix put in the time to pull him in that he did for Kenny Scott last year. Calvin could be huge to our offensive future. We could finally have a tall, acrobatic receiver that will be a constant highlight reel. His current top four is Georgia, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma and Notre Dame, but it is believed that he likely wants to stay close to home. Not only that but he also is most interested in Engineering. I think we'll be in on this one for the duration of recruiting season, and my gut tells me that we could be the favorite. He is also an outstanding baseball player but let's hope he makes a home at GT on the football field.

Carl Grimes is another intriguing prospect that we have already offered. Carl is a 5'9", speedy receiver from the Detroit area in Michigan. Despite is small stature, he has already grabbed the attention of the football powers that be. He already has offers from the likes of Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Florida State. He said wants to come south because the schools in the south aren't afraid to use smaller players that can run. And what schools have had as much recent success with smaller receivers has Georgia Tech has? He would seem to be a nice fit here. He had about 1700 yards combined rushing and receiving last year, so the kid can play.

Peyton, from south Florida, is another one we've offered but he doesn't sound as promising as Johnson or Grimes. He has said that he'll most likely stay in Florida. That's not to say that we can't change his mind over time but if FSU, Miami or Florida want him (none of the 3 have offered as yet but Miami might do it first), then they will likely have first dibs. In addition to GT offering, Pittsburgh and Iowa State have as well.

Barrett is a big-time, 6'0", receiver from the state of West Virginia. So, that's four offers to receivers in four different states. That means that the national recruiting strategy seems to be well in effect this year. Barrett is starting to get offered by all of the big schools up north like Ohio State & Penn State. He also has offers from Marshall and West Virginia. OSU appears to have the early edge for Brandon but it's good to see that we're going all over the place to get the best players.

Other names you see mentioned with Georgia Tech include: Matt Spittal, Justin York, Steven Whitehead, Sean Walker, Marcus Monk, Keavett Mickle, Donald Massey, & Nelson Faerber.

Spittal, from New Jersey, will likely camp at GT but seems to favor Northwestern, Iowa, Virginia at this time. He is still waiting for his first offer.

York, from Alabama, is another without offers to date. He currently lists Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Georgia Tech, and Florida as his top four. York and Spittal are both 5'11" receivers.

Whitehead, from Louisiana, is another fast but short receiver. He is less than 5'8" putting him in the same league as Kelley Rhino for stature. His only offer to date is from Louisiana-Lafayette. He mostly prefers Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Colorado, Clemson, Ole Miss, and Louisiana Tech at this time though.

Walker is from Jefferson County High in Georgia. He likes GT the most right now on a list that includes Georgia, Auburn, Kentucky, Vanderbilt and MTSU. Right now he may have problems qualifying under Tech's increased admissions minimums. He is awaiting his first offer.

Monk is a huge 6'6" receiver from Arkansas but may be more of a small forward prospect in basketball. He's a very bright kid and could get a hoops offer from GT before getting a football offer. Let's hope an offer comes through for him because he is smart, could handle our academics and likely help us in two sports.

Mickle is a tall and lanky receiver from Orlando, Florida. He is still just starting off in the recruiting process so not much is known about him just yet although he is planning on attending GT summer camp.

Donald Massey, from Texas, is another interesting prospect. He will probably be a guy that stays in or near Texas but he is the brother of a kid we really went after last season, Richuel Massey, who ended up signing with SMU.

Faerber is a skinny 5'11" receiver from Chattahoochee High here in Atlanta. He'll be another camper here at Tech over the summer. We will probably use that time to evaluate him to see if he's a fit for our program. He's a smart kid that also likes Clemson and Georgia.

Looks like WR recruiting for GT could be wild ride this season. We are going all over the map to find good ones. We're looking from right in our back yard to Michigan to Texas. We are looking for tall or fast or a good combination of both. I'm sure there will be many more names pop up on the radar over the next few months in this position. Top Stories