Brendan Douglas Gets His First Offer

Aquinas High School (Augusta, GA) athlete Brendan Douglas recently received his first verbal offer from Georgia Tech. The Georgia all-state running back will be in Atlanta Saturday to watch Tech practice and tour the campus.

Douglas is staying busy in the off season with a conditioning program and we caught up with him following his baseball game. Brendan plays the outfield for Aquinas.

Two weeks ago Brendan received his first offer from Georgia Tech. "It was nice getting that first offer and it is even better that a school like Georgia Tech was the first one to offer." Douglas received his second offer today from Georgia Southern. "It is good to start getting offers and I feel that more will come as my recruiting progresses."

Douglas plays both offense and defense for Aquinas. The offensive side of the ball seems to be where Georgia Tech likes him right now. "When I talked with Coach (Paul) Johnson and the other coaches, they told me that I could be the type of player that could play either A-back or B-Back. Brendan is 6'- 210 which would be a fit for both positions.

Brendan knows that he could grow out of those positions. "If I grow out of either position, playing outside linebacker on defense is perfectly fine with me." The position he plays is not an issue with Douglas as long as he plays.

A trip to Atlanta to watch Tech practice and then tour the campus is on the schedule for Douglas this Saturday. "Even though I know I am very excited about getting my first offer from Georgia Tech, I don't think I will be making a commitment on the trip."

Douglas is not sure when he'll be making his college decision. "I really want to make sure the school I commit to is the one I like 100% and I want to make sure I get to see all the schools that offer." Brendan will end his recruitment once he makes that decision.

His relationship with the coaching staff, location of the schools, and the team's chemistry will be factors that enter into the decision. "I live in Augusta and it is not that small but not as big as Atlanta. I can adjust if Georgia Tech is the place I end up for college." Top Stories