Reeves-Maybin Has A Dozen Offers, No Favorite

Clarksville, Tennessee athlete Jalen Reeves-Maybin was recently in Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. Even though the Tech students were on spring break, Jalen enjoyed what he saw on the visit.

Jalen Reeves-Maybin met with Coach Andy McCollum and had a chance to see the facilities and the campus. "It was very good despite the school being on spring break. I really like the campus there."

With some staff still on campus, Jalen had a chance to talk with the academics people there which is something he wanted to do on the visit. "I am one of the recruits that really does value getting a quality education." Reeves-Maybin loved what they had to say about the academics. "I know if I got a degree from Georgia Tech it would be very beneficial to me once I got out of school."

Georgia Tech's triple option offense has created interest for Reeves-Maybin in the Georgia Tech football program. "I think the triple option is tailor made for a person with the abilities I have as a player." Tech is recruiting Jalen as a quarterback and he feels that he could come in and be very successful in the triple option offense. "I really like the offense."

Coach McCollum and Reeves-Maybin got together to talk about the school and the football program. "He feels that I could be successful in both at Georgia Tech. He likes what he sees from me as a person and a player."

The offer Reeves-Maybin received from Georgia Tech brings his total number of offers to 12. Jalen does not have a favorite from that group of 12 schools.

Don't look for Jalen to be making his college choice until after his senior season. "Once the season is over I can give my recruitment my full attention."

Jalen will be looking for a school where he feels comfortable and where he feels he is a good fit. "Conference affiliation and stuff like that does not play a part."

On the field, Jalen feels his versatility is his best trait. "I play various positions and I feel I bring a lot to the field no matter which position I play." Reeves-Maybin is looking to improve in everything he does. "I want to get bigger, faster, and stronger." Top Stories