Mustafaa Sees Student-Athlete Life at GT

Alpharetta (GA) defensive end Naim Mustafaa made a return visit to Georgia Tech on Monday. On this visit Mustafaa spent the entire day on campus seeing what it's like to be a student-athlete.

"I had a chance to see what the life of a Georgia Tech football is like and basically chilled with some of the players. Following his day with the players Naim watched the team practice. "The practice was good and overall I had a great day there."

Naim Mustafaa spent most of the day with Georgia Tech player Denzel McCoy. "He talked to me about his time there and how great Georgia Tech has been to him especially after being on medical hardship."

One thing that McCoy showed Naim was how great the intern programs are Tech. "He is interning with this company and is making very good money and he will be getting his second internship with AT&T." Naim was impressed with the value of a Georgia Tech education. "Denzel was great to chill with and I learned some great things about Tech."

Before he left he received an open invitation from the Tech coaches. "I have an invitation to come back as much as I like." Mustafaa lives close enough to campus that it will be easy for him to visit. "I will be making a few more practices and definitely will be at the spring game."

Naim has seen his offer list continue to grow. He now has over 20 offers. "They are mostly from the southeast but I do have offers from schools like Nebraska, Oklahoma State, and Missouri."

Mustafaa's future travel plans include some of those schools. "I know on April 14th I will be going to Nebraska to see just how it is being that far away. Naim will be visiting Tennessee for their spring game and he also hopes to visit Oklahoma State later this spring.

Naim has some schools that he likes but he is not ready to name a top five. Georgia Tech is one of those schools that he likes. "If I had a list of favorites, they would be in the top part of that list." Top Stories