Billingsley Names Two That Stick Out

East High School, Memphis, Tennessee, offensive lineman Bobby Billingsley is one of the top centers in the South. Billingsley has four offers and is looking to get more as he gets ready to take some spring visits.

Memphis, Ole Miss, Illinois, and Arkansas have all offered Bobby Billingsley. "I'm also hearing from Georgia Tech, Virginia, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Alabama, Mississippi State, Kentucky, Vanderbilt, Cincinnati, and Purdue."

Billingsley feels that Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, and Ole Miss are the schools that are recruiting him the hardest. "I hear a lot from my recruiting coach from each school."

Now that the schools recruiting him have started their spring practices, Billingsley will begin to take some visits. "On the 14th, I will be going to Mississippi for a visit and then I will be going to the spring game at Mississippi State on the 21st."

I'd like to go to Georgia Tech that Friday but it might difficult to get it in since it is at night and we need to get to Starkville early Saturday." If he doesn't make it to Tech's spring game, he does plan to visit watch them practice. "Coach (Charles) Kelly wants me to come there so I am going to make it happen."

Bobby has started to form a bond with some of the coaches recruiting him. "Coach Kelly from Georgia Tech, he's a real cool and nice guy. He's very honest and you know where you stand with him." Billingsley also talks with Coach Maurice Harris at Ole Miss and Coach Angelo Mirando from Mississippi State.

Billingsley has not begun to trim his list but when he does there are two schools that he knows that will make his top five. "When I do start trimming my list down, Georgia Tech and Mississippi State will be two of the teams in my top five."

There are two factors that Bobby will be looking at as he looks to trim his list. He wants to be comfortable with the school and the coaching staff. "My parents will play a big part in helping me with my decision." Look for Bobby to make his decision by mid-June or early July at the latest.

Bobby will have a busy summer attending camps at Ohio State, Tennessee, and Miami with his teammates. "My dad and I will be going to the camp at Georgia Tech. This is something that the both of us want to make happen. We feel it will be very beneficial for me to attend this camp." Top Stories