Facyson Family Loves GT Coaches' Honesty

There have been rumors that Northgate, Georgia athlete Brandon Facyson had narrowed his list of schools down to two. Brandon's dad addressed those rumors and talked about one of the leaders.

Mr. Facyson let us know that there are three rather than two schools that he is looking hard at right now. "In all honesty Brandon is blessed to have so many offers right now and out of respect to those schools that have offered, Brandon is keeping an open mind about each and every one."

"I will say that Georgia Tech is one of those three." Mr Facyson likes the fact that Georgia Tech let Brandon Facyson know that they really want him there and will be looking out for his best interests, preparing him for football and life after college. "Coach (Buzz) Preston and Coach (Charles) Kelly have been great and treated Brandon with respect and showing him how much they can help him both on and off the field."

The Facysons also like the fact that Coach Paul Johnson is a man of his word and has told Brandon that he has a scholarship and he isn't just a name that could be replaced by another name. "They want him no matter how long he takes to decide."

Academics is one of the factors that makes Georgia Tech appealing to Brandon and his family. "We know only a few players from college even make it to the NFL and once his playing days in college are over, he has to use his degree to move along in life." The Facysons feel that Georgia Tech is a school that will prepare Brandon for the real world.

The timing for his decision is one that has been discussed by the family. "We've talked about this, both his mom and I agree with Brandon that making his decision before his senior year starts is the best way to go." They feel with all the distractions, that having his recruiting done with would be best. "Brandon knows once he makes up his mind he is done and there will not be a decommitment happening."

The plan is for Brandon to look at the pros and cons of each school and go from there. "This is were we've decided it is best for Brandon to be the one doing everything as he will be the one having to go to school, practice and making the adjustment from high school to college." Brandon has visited quite a few schools with Georgia Tech being one of the most recent. "He's met all the coaches and players and recruits that are going to each school he has visited, so he has a lot of info to work with."

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