Sutton's Recruiting Really Taking Off

Three-star cornerback Cameron Sutton has really seen his recruitment take off as of late. Currently sitting on over ten offers from some of the premiere programs in all of college football, Sutton has been taking his time to build relationships with each of the schools on his massive list, which includes many schools from the ACC and SEC.

Profile - Cameron Sutton

"I've been trying to get to know the coaches and everything. It's a blessing to have the opportunity to talk to coaches and get to know them more," Sutton said of his recruitment. One of the coaches that Sutton has developed a particular strong relationship with up to this point has been Georgia Tech's "Buzz" Preston, who was recently at Sutton's high school to take in one of his baseball games.

"Coach Preston and Coach (Charles) Kelly from Georgia Tech came out and watched my game. I have a strong relationship with Coach Preston. We talk all the time, and we have built a strong relationship, which is something that you have to have when considering a school."

The Georgia Tech coaching staff has certainly taken a proactive approach in recruiting Sutton, as is evidenced by their decision to send two coaches to watching one of his baseball games. The interest is undoubtedly mutual, however, as Sutton has also been able to trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech's campus.

"I've been down there a few times. I went down there for their camp, and then a week or two ago I went to their spring game. I spent time down there and I toured the campus a couple of times." Sutton has certainly had an opportunity to familiarize himself with the Georgia Tech program, but he has spent plenty of time evaluating his other options as well.

With such a large number of offers, Sutton says that he would like to wait until at least midway through his senior season before he commits to a school. While he has yet to officially narrow his list as of yet, there are a handful of programs that are starting to stand out in his mind.

"Florida, Georgia Tech, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Auburn, Pittsburgh and North Carolina are standing out to me at the moment." Sutton says that his relationship with the coaching staff and the sense of community will be two of the premiere factors in his decision. Top Stories