Jimal McBride Close to an Offer

Defensive tackle Jimal McBride is no stranger to the recruiting scene, but he has recently seen his recruitment jump to the next level. Already holding offers from multiple FCS programs, McBride has started talking with some of the power schools in the FBS.

Profile - Jimal McBride

"Right now, I have four offers, and a lot of big schools are trying to start to talk to me as the spring keeps going," the Ware County (GA) prospect said. One of those "big" schools to begin contact with McBride is Georgia Tech, which recently hosted the 281-pound prospect during their spring game.

"I recently just came to Georgia Tech for their spring game and I had a great time. I liked their facilities, their atmosphere and their coaching staff. I have a great relationship with Coach (Andy) McCollum. He's a nice man, and I talk to him about every week."

Although McBride does not currently hold an offer from the Yellow Jackets, he has reason to believe that an offer may be extended his way sometime in the near future. At least, that seems to be the indication that he is getting from head coach Paul Johnson. "Coach Johnson, he mentioned to me a couple of times that they are coming close to giving me an offer."

McBride has stayed in touch with the Yellow Jacket coaching staff, and says that he plans on making a return trip to Atlanta this year. Despite his interest in the Georgia Tech program, McBride is taking his time with the recruiting process, and says that no schools are currently standing out as his favorites. "I have not started making a list of favorites yet, but when I do make that list my biggest factors will be how I fit in and if I can come in early and make an impact."

While McBride has yet to narrow his list of schools, look for him to start focusing on a smaller group of schools in the near future, as he hopes to have his college decision out of the way before the start of his senior season.

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