Delando Crooks Balancing School and Sports

All things considered, it really is quite amazing that Carver (GA) High School offensive tackle Delando Crooks has become such a prominent prospect in the class of 2013.

Despite still being relatively new to the game of football, Delando Crooks has received over 30 scholarship offers from schools all across the nation, including Stanford, Vanderbilt, Clemson, Georgia and Georgia Tech, just to name a few.

Although he has been receiving plenty of attention from college coaches since the end of his junior season, Crooks' uncle says that they have not been able to travel around to many schools as of yet, as Crooks is very focused on his academics.

"We haven't even really visited any schools, because Delando goes to Georgia State for classes three days a week and he goes to his high school two days a week," Crooks' uncle, Troy Vaccina, commented. "But when he goes to high school, he has to make up for those three days he misses out on. He's very focused on academics right now. He has a full plate."

With Crooks maintaining a busy schedule with track and field, spring football practice and a full academic workload, Vaccina says that they will try to make up for lost time by visiting a multitude of schools over the summer. Their current plan is to take multiple trips up and down the east coast, as well as making at least one trip out to the west coast.

As Crooks prepares for a busy summer which will be filled with travelling, he is doing his best to stay on top of recruiting by forming solid relationships with his many recruiting coaches at his various schools.

According to Vaccina, Crooks' hometown program has made a very strong impression on his nephew.

"Oh, Delando has a great relationship with the coaches at Georgia Tech," Vaccina said of his nephew's relationship with the Yellow Jacket coaching staff. "They have come to us, and they have come and visited us quite frequently. They have an open door to come see us and they have come to the school to come see us, because I am a coach up there."

While it is obvious that the Yellow Jackets have made a solid impression on one of their top prospects in the 2013 class, Vaccina says that his nephew is still in no hurry to make a final decision.

"This is like a marriage he is going into. He has all of these girlfriends, but he needs to make sure he marries the right one," Vaccina joked.

At this time, Vaccina says that Crooks has not begun to narrow down his list of schools.

"We want to wait until the school year is over, and then we can sit down and talk about what is going on," Vaccina commented.

While it could potentially be quite some time before we figure out where Delando Crooks will be playing his college football, we can say with certainty that academics and his comfort level with the coaching staff will play a huge role in his decision.

In the meantime, Crooks will continue to focus on balancing academics and athletics, and college coaches will continue in their efforts to win his signature on a letter of intent. Top Stories