Ryan's Ramblins - 2013 Recruiting Update - DE

GoJackets.com continues its series to help you get a view of the big picture in football recruiting. Next, we will take a look at the defensive end prospects.

Current Depth Chart:

DE: Izaan Cross, Euclid Cummings, Jimmie Kitchen, Francis Kallon, Roderick Chungong
DE: Emmanuel Dieke, Chris Crenshaw, Anthony Williams, Pat Gamble

Current Seniority Chart:

1 senior – Cross
3 juniors – Dieke (R), Cummings (R), Crenshaw (R)
1 sophomore – Williams (R)
4 freshmen – Kitchen (R), Fallon, Gamble, Chungong

(R) = Redshirt

Notes: The only change to the depth chart from what was presented previously is that last year's recruit Adam Gotsis is now being shown as a tackle instead of defensive end. Otherwise no one was passed on the depth chart. The defensive ends are loaded with upper classmen on the two-deep with all four being either juniors or seniors. So it's really working how you'd like it to work ideally in terms of rotating in younger, talented players after the more experienced players move along. The future depth chart looks bright as well lead by last year's key recruit Roderick Chungong. Tech may only take one more on this year so they need to try and duplicate the success they had with another player as highly touted as Chungong. And there's a chance for that to happen.

Expected 2013 Class Open Slots: 1
Current Commits: 0
Remaining Slots: 1
Prospects: Jay Woods, Naim Mustafaa, Jaylen Miller, Davin Bellamy, De'Asian Richardson, Isaac Rochell

Likelihood of committing is rated in 1 of 5 categories:

  1. We Lead
  2. We Like Our Chances
  3. Could Go Either Way
  4. Leaning Elsewhere
  5. Unlikely But Possible

JAY WOODS (6-3, 275 pounds) from Jackson, GA is a four-star prospect ranked as the #31 defensive tackle by Fox Sports Net. Wood has a plethora of offers include ones from GT, Arkansas, Clemson, Duke, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Purdue, South Carolina, Syracuse, Texas A&M, USC, Virginia, Wake Forest, and West Virginia. At one point in time, Jay had Tech as a potential leader. All of the late attention has muddied the water some but expect the Yellow Jackets to be right there in it the whole way. Recent offers from schools like Clemson and Georgia could make it interesting. This one won't end any time soon however. Look for Woods to take his time to name a top 5 then to take some, if not all, of his visits before committing to a school.

Best Guess: We Like Our Chances

NAIM MUSTAFAA (6-4, 235 pounds) from Alpharetta, GA is a four-star prospect ranked as the #19 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. He could also be an OLB in GT's defense. Naim has offers from GT, UGA, Auburn, FSU, Kentucky, Maryland, MTSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, UNC, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, UVA, and VT. Naim's father Najee Mustafa is a former GT and NFL player so that should help Tech's chances. Tech and UGA are the current favorites. . Naim was scheduled to visit UGA Tuesday but he was unable to make the trip. Look for Naim to be on campus before he makes his decision. Don't be surprised if we get a decision from Naim as early as next week. GT has a good chance of landing this 4 star recruit.

Best Guess: We Lead

JAYLEN MILLER (6-2, 236 pounds) from Gaffney, SC is a three-star prospect ranked as the #79 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. Miller has offers from GT, Duke, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Wake Forest, and others. He has a recent offer from GT and plans to take a visit to the campus at some point. He's not indicated any leaders at this point so Tech could very well be on that list.

Best Guess: Could Go Either Way

DAVIN BELLAMY (6-5, 225 pounds) from Chamblee, GA is a three-star prospect ranked as the #32 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. He also has more offers than there are schools just about. His list includes: GT, Vandy, Arkansas, Cincy, Clemson, UConn, ECU, FSU, UGA, Kentucky, MSU (both of them), Mizzou, NCSU, UNC, Pitt, Purdue, USC-east, Tennessee, UVA, Wake and others. He seems to be one who favors SEC schools but it's too early for him to name leaders. I don't personally have a great feeling here since he recently called UGA "the home state school". But other than that, Tech is probably in the mix officially since he's considered "wide open".

Best Guess: Could Go Either Way (is on the optimistic side of the spectrum)

DE'ASIAN RICHARDSON (6-4, 270 pounds) from Orange Park, FL is a four-star prospect ranked as the #22 defensive tackle by Fox Sports Net. He has offers from GT, Alabama, FSU, Duke, Louisville, Mississippi, UNC, Penn State, South Carolina, and South Florida. His current top four are Alabama, Auburn, Duke and FSU. This is shaping up like a Bama/Seminole battle. GT appears to be a long shot but the offer does put them in the game.

Best Guess: Unlikely But Possible

ISAAC ROCHELL (6-5, 257 pounds) from McDonough, GA is a four-star prospect ranked as the #12 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. Isaac has offers from GT, ND, Clemson, UF, FSU, UGA, Tenn, Bama, Arkansas, Auburn, BC, IU, UK, Ole Miss, MSU, OSU, Oklahoma, PSU, Pitt, Purdue, SC, Vandy, UVA, VT, and Wake. He has named a top four of Clemson, Florida, FSU and Notre Dame. Notre Dame has long been thought to be the favorite though. At this point, GT is not getting much mention though he has taken multiple visit to the campus.

Best Guess: Unlikely But Possible

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