Nigel Bowden: Georgia Tech Is The Place

Macon Central linebacker Nigel Bowden visited Georgia Tech today and received the offer he's wanted all along. Bowden committed to Tech shortly after receiving the offer.

Profile - Nigel Bowden

The trip allowed Bowden to meet Coach Paul Johnson and catch up with the other coaches. Coach Paul Johnson showed Bowden the depth chart and the players they were recruiting. "I saw what they had on the board and felt I could be a big contributor."

"They have a number of guys they are looking for on the outside but for the inside spots Coach Johnson told me it was down to me and another guy and that he was officially extending me an offer and it was mine if I wanted to come to Georgia Tech." That's all Nigel needed to hear and he gave Coach Johnson his verbal commitment.

The offer to Bowden was one he's been waiting to get and he knew a trip to Georgia Tech would help him get the offer. Nigel was aware that Coach Johnson prefers to meet the recruits before offering. "Georgia Tech was and is the place I have always wanted to go play football and attend college."

Nigel also met the new strength and conditioning coach. "He seems to be a real cool guy and has a great handle on how he wants to implement his program."

Two things stood out to Nigel on his trip today. "The reaction of the coaches when I told them I was making my commitment to Georgia Tech was a big one. That made me feel real good inside." The second involved the kids that were attending a camp at Tech today. "A bunch of the kids came up to me and asked me how it was to be a football player at Georgia Tech. I had to tell them I was still in high school. That felt real good."

Nigel will be back on campus next Friday when Tech begins the first of their summer camps. "I will also be back for visits in the fall for the home games. I plan on coming up as much as I can." Top Stories