Where Will Nigel Bowden End Up?

Central Macon (GA) linebacker Nigel Bowden has two schools that he likes very much. In the process of deciding on a school, Bowden gave his verbal commit to each school. Has he now decided which school to select?

Bowden orginally gave his commit to Vanderbilt and then flipped to Georgia Tech following a visit last Friday. Today all that changed. "I changed my commit to Vanderbilt last night and wanted to talk with the coaches at Georgia Tech before letting it go public."

Before changing his decision, Bowden talked it over with his parents. "I like Georgia Tech as much as I do Vanderbilt and thought it was best to be close to home as my grandfather is very sick. My mom told me to go where I wanted to go so I changed back to Vanderbilt."

Following his decision, Bowden talked with coaches from both schools. "We all agree that the best thing for me to do is to back off both schools as far as being a commit to either one." Bowden will take his official visits to each school this fall.

"I can get a better view and outlook on each school and so can my family." Following the visits, Bowden and his parents will decide which school is best for him.

The question now is when will Bowden make his decision. "I probably will make a final decision in December after those official visits."

Bowden has already planned a visit to one of the schools. "Coach (Andy) McCollum at Georgia Tech asked me to come up this weekend to take a look at the school and participate in the camp they are having this weekend. Bowden will be making the trip to learn more about the school and the coaches."

"I like both schools a lot and both have great opportunities and coaches. I thought it was going to be easy but as it has turned out, it is not something that is easy to decide when you like two schools as much as you do."

Look for the official visits to go a long way in helping Bowden decide which school is the best fit for him and his family.

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