Ryan's Ramblins - 2013 Recruiting Update - LB

GoJackets.com continues its series to help you get a view of the big picture in football recruiting. Next, we will take a look at the linebacker prospects.

Current Depth Chart

OLB: Brandon Watts, Tremayne McNair, Malcolm Munroe, Chaz Cheeks
ILB: Jabari Hunt-Days, Daniel Drummond, Tyler Stargel
ILB: Quayshawn Nealy, Anthony Harrell, Kyle Travis, Beau Hankins
OLB: Jeremiah Attaochu, Tyler Marcordes, Nick Menocal

Current Seniority Chart:

1 senior – Munroe (R)
3 juniors – Drummond (R), Watts (R), Attaochu
4 sophomores – Nealy (R), Menocal, McNair, Travis
6 freshmen – Hunt-Days (R), Cheeks (R), Harrell (R), Marcordes (R), Stargel, Hankins

(R) = Redshirt

Notes: Since the recruiting report following National Signing Day, it was confirmed that Julian Burnett would not return to the team following his neck injury from the Sun Bowl. With that, Georgia Tech loses its top tackler from 2011 – and it wasn't close (42 more tackles than the next in line). Quayshawn Nealy has shown himself to be very capable as well but certainly the depth chart takes a hit with that news. Daniel Drummond is ineligible for game one versus Virginia Tech, so what was a largely untested backup group of Marcodes, Menocal, Hunt-Days, Harrell, and McNair now gets thrust into action in an important early game. Hunt-Days will be the likely beneficiary of increased playing time and a potential starting role.

Expected 2013 Class Open Slots: 3
Current Commits: 1 (Kevin Robbins)
Remaining Slots: 2
Prospects: Naim Mustafaa, Nigel Bowden, Jordan Starnes, Yannick Ngakoue, Lewis Neal, Reggie Chevis, Buddy Brown, Stacy Thomas

Likelihood of committing is rated in 1 of 5 categories:

  1. We Lead
  2. We Like Our Chances
  3. Could Go Either Way
  4. Leaning Elsewhere
  5. Unlikely But Possible

KEVIN ROBBINS (6-4.5, 230 pounds) from Forestville, MD is a three-star prospect ranked as the #39 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. Robbins committed to Georgia Tech on June 2nd, 2012. He selected the Yellow Jackets over offers from Arizona, Boston College, Duke, East Carolina, Iowa, Michigan State, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Syracuse, Wake Forest, and West Virginia.

Best Guess: COMMIT

NAIM MUSTAFAA (6-4, 235 pounds) from Alpharetta, GA is a four-star prospect ranked as the #19 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. He was listed in the report on defensive ends but could wind up as an OLB if he selects GT. Naim has offers from GT, UGA, Auburn, FSU, Kentucky, Maryland, MTSU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Missouri, Nebraska, UNC, Oklahoma State, Tennessee, UVA, and VT. Naim's father Najee Mustafa is a former GT and NFL player so that should help Tech's chances. Tech, UGA and Auburn are the current favorites. There is a good chance that Mustafaa will make his decision sooner than later. Tech has a good chance to land this 4 star recruit.

Best Guess: We Like Our Chances

NIGEL BOWDEN (6-0, 238 pounds) from Macon, GA is a three-star prospect ranked as the #36 middle linebacker by Fox Sports Net. Bowden has been in the recruiting news a lot lately. After originally committing to Vanderbilt, he switched to GT on June 1st, 2012. After Robbins committed the next day Tech thought they had their second linebacker commit of the week. Bowden recanted this commitment and flipped back to Vandy. He told Dale McDuffie this week that, "My mom told me to go where I wanted to go so I changed back to Vanderbilt." Following a conversation with Coach Andy McCollum, Bowden has decided to open his recruitment and he'll still take official visits to both schools before making a decision.. I'm sure at this point he wishes he would have just kept his thought process out of public viewing. For now fans of both schools will just have to wait and hope no other programs get into the mix while he makes up his mind for good. Bowden has offers from GT, Vandy, Louisville, Mississippi, Mississippi State, and Tennessee.

Best Guess: Could Go Either Way

JORDAN STARNES (6-3, 225 pounds) from Northwood, NC is an unranked prospect listed as an outside linebacker by Fox Sports Net. Starnes has early offers from GT and UNC, though he currently favors the Yellow Jackets and North Carolina State Wolfpack. NCSU has yet to offer at this point, so that should give Tech the slight edge though Starnes says they are even. He's also been to Tech three times to date so things are looking good. A Wolfpack offer would make it an even dual since they are much closer to his home.

Best Guess: Could Go Either Way

LEWIS NEAL (6-2, 235 pounds) from Wilson, NC is a three-star prospect ranked as the #39 middle linebacker by Fox Sports Net. Neal has offers from GT, Clemson, ECU, LSU, Maryland, UNC, NCSU, Ohio State, SC, Tennessee, Vandy, and Wake Forest. For a short time – 1 week – he was a commit for Ohio State. Tech is getting in it late so there's some ground to make up here but at least they are making a play now that he's opened it back up. He's setting up visits to LSU and Tennessee and has camped previously with NCSU. The first thing Tech needs to do is to somehow get him to visit the campus – which we think will happen – then anything can happen.

Best Guess: Leaning Elsewhere

YANNICK NGAKOUE (6-2, 225 pounds) from Washington, DC is a four-star prospect ranked as the #12 middle linebacker by Fox Sports Net. Ngakoue has offers from all over including Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Colorado, UConn, UF, FSU, GT, Houston, Illinois, KU, Maryland, Michigan, ND, UNC, NCSU, Oklahoma, Purdue, Rutgers, SC, Tennessee, Vandy, UVA, and WVU. He's listed a number of schools for his summer tour but GT is not currently on that list. When asked about favorites recently he names Auburn, Clemson, Notre Dame, Maryland, Tennessee and Florida State. He will not make a decision any time in the near future but GT certainly seems on the outside looking in at this point. The best chance is for Al Groh to work some of his magic here as he's shown he's interested with the recent Tech offer. There's still time to gain some ground but it will be an up hill battle.

Best Guess: Unlikely But Possible

REGGIE CHEVIS (6-1, 245 pounds) from Houston, TX is a four-star prospect ranked as the #9 middle linebacker by Fox Sports Net. Chevis has offers from GT, Arkansas, Baylor, Boise State, Illinois, Iowa State, LSU, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Washington State, and West Virginia. Tech's offer came recently to put them into the mix but it's highly unlikely they'll make up ground here. Reggie has already listed a top five of Texas A&M, Alabama, OU, Arkansas, and Texas Tech. Alabama has yet to offer.

Best Guess: Unlikely But Possible

STACY THOMAS (6-3, 225 pounds) from Miami, FL is a three-star prospect ranked as the #70 defensive end by Fox Sports Net. GT has offered Thomas along with Duke, UF, FSU, Louisville, LSU, MSU, Rutgers, WVU, and Wisconsin. This is shaping up as a Florida and Florida State battle as he prefers to not leave the state. He did mention one other school for a potential camp visit and that was… Georgia Tech. So, this one is not over yet. At least Tech is getting a prime visit.

Best Guess: Unlikely But Possible

BUDDY BROWN (6-2, 205 pounds) from Williamstown, NJ is a three-star prospect ranked as the #79 outside linebacker by Fox Sports Net. He has offers from GT, BC, Duke, UK, MSU, UNC, PSU, Pitt, Rutgers, USF, UCF, VT, WF, WVU, and Wisconsin. Rutgers is the odds on favorite to win out. GT is a longshot.

Best Guess: Unlikely But (barely) Possible

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