Facyson Closing in on Decision Time

Brandon Facyson is close to making his college choice. Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech have always been his top two schools. Will recent offers signal a change?

Profile - Brandon Facyson

We talked to Brandon's dad to get the answer to that question."He just recently picked up an offer from Purdue which brings his total to around 21 or more." Mr. Facyson feels it's time for Brandon to start thinking about making his college choice.

Brandon has always wanted to make his college choice before he starts his senior season. "He told me just the other day that right now he has one team he's focused on and that is his high school team, Northgate." Facyson wants to make his senior season a special one.

There are no plans for Brandon to visit any camps this summer. "He had a chance to go to a Nike camp but he was still running track when that was taking place." The only visit Brandon May take will be to Wake Forest. "He has visited teams he likes on his list a lot so he wants to visit ones he hasn't and Wake might be the only school for a visit."

Four schools make up the list that are getting Brandon's attention. "Right now I'd have to say he is mostly focused on Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and South Florida."

Mr. Facyson feels that it will come down to a two team race between Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. "It probably will be a two school race but we have the rest of the summer before he makes that decision. I know he likes both schools very much and I feel that it will come down to those two in the long run."

"I feel he will be a strong player this season. He's a great athlete and has really stayed in shape with track and is a life guard for the summer." The 6' 2 1/2"-190 Facyson is still growing. "He should be in great shape when he heads off to college."

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