Sean Barton Looks To Visit Georgia Tech Soon

Woods Cross High School, Utah is the home of hybrid linebacker/safety Sean Barton. Sean has picked up three recent offers bringing his total offers to twelve. One of those schools looks to have gained Barton's interest.

"I've picked up new offers from Georgia Tech, California, and most recently from Vanderbilt." The three schools are all strong academic schools. "I do value my academic side of this very much." Sean Barton has a 3.6 GPA and he'll have no problem getting into these schools.

Barton is being recruited to Georgia Tech by Coach Buzz Preston. The two of them have formed a good relationship. "He wants me to come down for a visit so I can check out the school and get to know the players and the rest of the staff."

The trip to Georgia Tech is one that Barton wants to make. "I will most definitely be making it within the next month." If Sean can't make it within the next month he knows he'll be able to do so by the end of the summer. "I am looking forward to getting down there and checking everything out."

There is a possibility that Barton could play more than one position in Georgia Tech's 3-4 defensive scheme. "Coach Preston says it depends on how big I get." Barton is 6'2"-225 and is still growing. "I could end up as a defensive end or an outside linebacker."

Sean has also talked with Georgia Tech defensive coordinator, Coach Al Groh. "I spoke with him briefly one time and he echoed the same feeling about the positions I could play that Coach Preston has."

School locations will not be a factor when Barton makes his college choice. Schools like Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt will get serious consideration from Barton. "I have no problem going out of state even if means across the country to go to a school I choose."

Going to school in a rural or urban setting is also not an issue for Sean. "Basically the school of my choice will be where I feel I fit in best and I feel like I am at home. That is what it will boil down to when I make my decision."

Barton is hoping to make that decision by the end of the summer or shortly thereafter. "I will have a couple of visits made by then that will help me make that decision." Top Stories