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With July just around the corner, over half of the current available scholarships slots have been filled in the 2013 Georgia Tech recruiting class. The GoJackets.com staff takes a stab at which recruits they think may be the next three to give their verbal commit to Georgia Tech.


Brandon Facyson – It looks like the Northgate defensive back is nearing a decision on his college choice. That decision could come in early August. Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech have been his top schools from the beginning. Brandon's dad was quoted as saying, ""It probably will be a two school race but we have the rest of the summer before he makes that decision. I know he likes both schools very much and I feel that it will come down to those two in the long run." Facyson has the size and athleticism that Coach Al Groh and Coach Charles Kelly are looking for in a cornerback. Look for Brandon to make his decision when his dad comes to Atlanta to spend time with him on his vacation.

Darius Curry – The Darius Curry recruitment is similar to that of Facyson. He too will be choosing between 2 schools. Georgia Tech and Oklahoma State appear to be his top 2 schools. There was always the possibility that Curry would follow his brother to Oklahoma State but it looks like he wants to be closer to home. His mom also would like him to be closer to home. Curry was quoted as saying "I'm really interested in Georgia Tech" adding that he has been in frequent contact with Coach Kelly. Curry will be attending the GT camp in July. There is a good chance he'll make his decision at that time.

James Ellison – Jay's recruitment has gained steam over the past month. He received an offer from GT one year ago but at that time Auburn was always on his mind. That has now changed with the speculation that Auburn may not be showing as much interest as they once did when they were recruiting Jay and his former teammate Jordan Jenkins. He is establishing a good relationship with our coaching staff and his recruiting coach Charles Kelly. "I'm looking at my relationship with the players and the coaches," said Ellison." Ellison made the trip to Atlanta to watch the first GT camp this year. He hung out with the coaches but didn't participate. He will be returning to take part in the July camp and hang out with the GT players and coaches. Jay may pull the trigger at that time.


John Marvin - Marvin is 6-1, 190 lb safety out of Fort Walton Beach, FL (Fort Walton Beach HS). He really emerged on the scene for Georgia Tech after putting together a really good camp in front of the GT coaches just earlier this month. His performance was good enough to earn him first a provisional offer (pending transcripts) and then a full offer once his transcripts appeared clear. On top of that, Marvin and his family were real excited about the offer from Georgia Tech and he seems eager to get the decision on which school to attend out of the way this summer noting, "I want to get it out of the way before my senior season." So why Marvin? GT has a number of offers out to DB's right now. I think that Marvin will likely make a few more camps, feel the pressure of possibly losing a slot, and then pull the trigger for GT. He may end up with more offers before all is said and done. But, I think he was pretty happy with the GT offer.

BRANDON FACYSON - Facyson is 6-2 ½, 190 lb cornerback out of Newnan, GA (Northgate HS). He has been one of those recruits that have been on that "any moment now" list that's always in the back of your head. It never seemed imminent but it has always appeared like Georgia Tech was right there in the picture. On top of that, Brandon's father just recently was quoted as saying, "It probably will be a two school race but we have the rest of the summer before he makes that decision. I know he likes both schools very much and I feel that it will come down to those two in the long run." And, those 2 schools are Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech. So why do I think Facyson will commit next? First, when you have 2 schools in the lead, the odds always favor the home team. On top of that, I think that if Marvin or another DB pops first, the pressure will really increase on Facyson to make a decision or he could be left on the outside looking in.

O.J. Howard - Howard is a 6-5 225 lb WR/TE out of Prattville, AL (Autauga Academy). It's important to note that Howard is currently committed to Alabama. But, based on recent interviews, he is expected to visit Georgia Tech. Also, GT is the only school that is currently recruiting him as a wide receiver. And, Howard seems to like that idea, "I think playing wide receiver in college would be great. I look at myself as a Calvin Johnson type player. I am not as big as him, but I think I can be just like him. I would like to get my speed down a little bit. I run a 4.54." On top of that, Prattville is home to Justin Thomas – who flipped from Alabama to GT last year due to wanting to play a different position (let's hope lightning strikes twice!). Plus, Coach Charles Kelly is on the case and Coach Kelly has proven to be a very savvy recruiter. So, is there any other real reason to believe that Howard is going to flip to GT? Any insider information that makes you think it might happen? Not really. There's no solid information that makes me think that. Sometimes you just have to go with a gut feeling.


BRANDON FACYSON - Brandon has maintained a solid top two of Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech throughout this process. Despite Brandon and his father saying they are going to visit other schools it always comes back to these two schools. Brandon lives in Georgia with his mom and she favors GT and the academics. His dad lives closer to Virginia Tech but he values a quality education more so than he does how a school does on the football field. He has stated he is willing to fly down to see Brandon practice and play his high school games, so I feel this will give the edge to GT. They want to have a decision before his senior year starts.

DARIUS CURRY - Darius is a local recruit from Flowery Branch. He's had GT high on his list for a good while now. His Older brother goes to Oklahoma State and Darius has gotten a taste of what it is like to be far away from home and it wasn't his cup of tea. His mom really wants him closer to home and she wants him to get a quality education. Having a coach like Charles Kelly helps in this matter. He has formed a real good bond with their family. Darius likes the defense Coach Groh runs and he fits the mold in what Groh looks for in a defensive back.

Jalen Reeves-Maybin - He wouldn't have been on this list a month ago. Jalen has changed his tune about the position he will play in college. Previously he was trying to decide whether he wanted to be a quarterback or a wide receiver. Now he is open to any position, even defensive back if that is where his college coach wants him to play. GT was adamant about wanting him as a QB. Now that he is flexible and sees that Coach Johnson will move a QB to another position if he feels the player will see the field and help the team more. This really favors him picking GT sooner than later.


BRANDON FACYSON - I suspect this will not be a unique prediction among my colleagues. Facyson has to easily be the most likely of all prospects to pick Georgia Tech at this point. Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and South Florida are the finalists but Brandon's father tipped his hand by saying it's probably a two-team race in GT and VT. The Yellow Jackets have been thought to be in the lead for a while now. Additionally, his family likes GT's academics and they are also the hometown school with Northgate being just south of the city. I think this one is GT's to lose.

Juwaan Williams - Tech will almost surely take a quarterback in this class. But the future is bright and deep already for GT at quarterback with Vad Lee, Synjyn Days, and Justin Thomas waiting in the wings behind senior Tevin Washington. Ideally you'd like an athletic player capable of playing other positions should QB not work out. Juwaan Williams is a great fit there. Tech is the only school that I know of to offer him as a QB so far. Most teams like him as a WR or DB but he seems to favor offense. GT's offer is unique and could be a difference-maker like it was last recruiting season for Justin Thomas. I always feel better about local kids coming here, so being from Tucker High with a chance to stay close to home I think will be a big factor in the end. He has now become a national recruit so this would be a very big get for the Yellow Jackets. Getting in early on Juwaan was a good move by Tech coaches and has kept GT on his mind and on his favorites list all along. The long-standing relationship is another positive in Tech's favor.

DARIUS CURRY - With two open defensive back slots available, I'm taking a second DB among my top three guesses. Darius is another player Tech has been involved with for a while. I again like the hometown connection when having to make a guess. Flowery Branch to the Tech campus is an easy drive for his family. Talk of joining his brother in Oklahoma State doesn't worry me as much as it might some. I still think the hometown connection and a sense of breaking away from big brother's shadow will help GT in the end. Curry is very familiar with GT – he attended Junior Day & returned for another trip – and he's developed a good relationship with Tech coaches. The relationship will prove key here. Between Facyson & Curry, the clock will start ticking once one makes a decision due to the dwindling number of available scholarships. It could lead to an expedited decision for the other. If one commits and the other waits, look out for another defensive back – Cameron Sutton – to make it interesting.

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