Josh Newkirk Trims List To Four

Raleigh, North Carolina point guard Josh Newkirk recently visited a local school. Following the visit, Newkirk trimmed his list to four schools. Josh will make his college choice from those four schools.

Josh Newkirk recently visited North Carolina State. State is no longer on his list following the visit. "I have dropped them from my list all together."

"I am looking hard at four schools and will decide on a school from those four." The four schools on Newkirk's list are Pittsburgh, Memphis, Georgia Tech, and Missouri. Each school has positives that have put them on his list.

"Pittsburgh is telling me that they are joining the ACC and they really would love to see me running the point."

"Missouri plays an up tempo style of play and they let their guards have freedom. I like that style of play."

"Memphis is a good program that is not too far from home. They also let their guards have freedom to create opportunities."

"With Georgia Tech, they are telling me that they have a great tradition of point guards and that I would be one that would continue that tradition. They play in the ACC which is a big plus. Plus all the new facilities there are great. Coach Gregory and his staff are great coaches."

Newkirk's visit to Georgia Tech opened his eyes about the school. "I didn't realize they have the great facilities they do and the school is like it is." Newkirk was also impressed with the new arena. "I love the way it looks and what they have set up for players there."

Josh has an idea when he'll make his decision but that could change. "I'd like to sign during the early signing period but I don't know if that will happen. Josh wants to visit each school during September and then make a decision. "It will all depend on when I make the visits if I can sign during the early period." Top Stories