Cam Seward Hearing From Georgia Tech's Owens

Westminister High School (Atlanta,Georgia) outside linebacker Cameron Seward has seen his recruitment take off since the start of his junior season. Coaches from several schools have watched him play and he has also attended a few games this season.

Coaches from Georgia Tech and Virginia were at Cameron Seward's game last Friday. "I hear a lot from Coach (Lamar) Owens at Georgia Tech." North Carolina State and Boston College have also been in contact with Cameron.

Georgia Tech is looking at Seward as an outside linebacker in their 3-4 defense. "Coach Owens feels that I could be a part of what they are building at Georgia Tech." Seward feels that Georgia Tech is a school where he could be successful on and off the field.

Seward's relationship with Coach Owens could be a factor in his recruitment. "He's a young coach that I relate to and he is a very cool guy that isn't fake and genuinely has your best interest in mind."

It's too early for Cameron to name any favorites but Georgia Tech is one school that is getting his interest. "I like Georgia Tech a lot. They have a great balance of academics and athletics and are really building a great program there with this coaching staff."

When it comes to choosing a school, Cameron is looking for a balance of athletics and academics. "I'd like to be close to home if possible." Distance may not be the determining factor for Seward but it will play a role in his decision.

Cameron is making some plans to attend some college games in the coming weeks. "I know I will be going to a couple of Georgia Tech games. One of them will be against Boston College." Cameron will also be looking to attend other games including one at Virginia. Top Stories