Ruffin's Visit More Personal

St. Pius X (Atlanta Georgia) athlete Nicholas Ruffin made a return visit to Georgia Tech Sunday to meet with the coaching staff. The visit gave Ruffin more insight into the academic side of Georgia Tech.

Profile - Nick Ruffin

The visit for Ruffin was his second to Georgia Tech. "The first one I got to experience the game day atmosphere at Georgia Tech. On this one it was more personal for me."

Nick had a chance to see the academic side of the school which was important to him. He also had a chance to spend time with his recruitng coach Joe Speed and head coach Paul Johnson. "I liked that a lot."

Ruffin is keeping his options open until he has a chance to visit all the schools in which he has interest. "If I had to make a list of schools to consider right now, Georgia Tech would definitely be on that list."

The offer that Ruffin has received from Georgia Tech brings his early total to nine. Tech is recruiting Nick at multiple positions. "Coach Johnson says they are looking at me as either a cornerback or a A-back."

If he had to choose one or the other, Nick knows where he would like to play. "I rather be the one hitting instead of getting hit." Nick, however, is open to play whatever position the head coach feels he is best suited to play.

When it comes time to making his college choice, the entire Ruffin family will be involved. "My family has supported me thus far in my life and I want them to be a big part of that decision and hopefully I will choose a school close enough for them to see me play."

Ruffin will also be looking for a coaching staff that cares about the student-athlete. "I know that the education I get from college will be what carries me in life so that is very important."

Nick's plan is to finish out his junior year taking some visits and then he'll use the spring for more visits. "By the time summer rolls around and I get ready to start my senior year, I want to make a decision." Top Stories