Messick Solid to Georgia Tech

Fayette County, Georgia receiver Antonio Messick camped at Georgia Tech this past summer. His performance at the camp led to an offer and Messick gave his verbal commit to Tech soon after receiving the offer.

Profile - Antonio Messick

Messick received a visit from Georgia Tech receiver Coach Buzz Preston on Monday. "We talked about my season and how we are handling the playoffs."

Coach Preston also let Messick know that he still feels Georgia Tech is the place for him. "If I want to get to the NFL, Georgia Tech is the place to be. The scouts have noticed the wide receivers coming out of Georgia Tech."

Antonio knows that if he can show that he can use his hands, body, and speed in catching the ball and combine that with his blocking, the NFL will come calling. "Coach Preston also said that if the NFL didn't work out that a Georgia Tech education is one of the best in the country and would help me for life after football."

The visit from Georgia Tech helped to reinforce how Messick feels about Georgia Tech. "I am still committed to Georgia Tech and I feel I am 85% sure I will sign in February with Georgia Tech."

At one time, Antonio was thinking about taking a few visits in addition to a Georgia Tech visit. That may have changed. "I haven't set up any visits and at this time I don't think I will."

A few teams are still trying to recruit Messick. Florida State and Louisiana Tech recently visited Messick. The visits haven't changed things for Antonio. "If I had to sign with a team tomorrow it would be with the Yellow Jackets."

Even though Antonio has put an 85% probability on his commitment to Georgia Tech, you can tell that he is just wants to be sure he is making the best choice for himself. From the reflection in his voice, it is fairly obvious he will sign with Georgia Tech in February. Top Stories