Godsey Poised and Ready to Lead

Georgia Tech is going into the 2001 fall campiagn with great expectations. Few people believe that the Yellow Jackets can reach their lofty goals of finally beating Florida State at Doak Campbell. And competing for a shot at the BCS Rose Bowl without a healthy George Godsey to lead them to the promise land. DA STING.COM caught up with the "Goose" after a recent workout to see his thoughts on his progress with his knee,and towards helping the Jackets win it all.


DA STING: The first question that's on everyone's mind is, how's your knee?

GODSEY: The knee is doing fine, each week it's getting better and stronger and I'm monitoring how much it can take before I have to back off. So hopefully by the Syracuse game it will be fine.

DA STING: So you you definitely plan on playing against Syracuse?

GODSEY: Oh yeah for sure, I don't expect any pain this week in camp. I know tendenitis is going to be there, but anyone who has had knee surgery will tell you that.

DA STING: Last year you had a great season that caught alot of the Tech faithful off guard. What can be done this year for you and the team to recapture the chemistry that made last year so special?

GODSEY: Well last year we really had some great Senior leadership on this team. Hopefully we've developed that this summer with this team. We need to get better each week like we did last year and we can be an effective ballteam.

DA STING: What's your thoughts on both Bowden Head Coaches in the ACC picking Tech to win it all?

GODSEY: I think that anyone who has played in the ACC the last five or six years will tell you that Florida State is the team to beat. They should be the preseason favorite, they have proven that by never losing a game at home to an ACC opponent. We are really going to have to have all our ducks in a row to compete and win that ballgame in Tallahasse.

DA STING: Alot of people feel that in order for Tech to win that game, you will have to be up by more than a touchdown going into the fourth quarter. Do you believe that?

GODSEY: Well I know we were up by five going into the fourth quarter last year and it couldn't hold up. The thing about Florida State is they have such great dept that you have to get on them early and be ready to play all four quarters.

DA STING: How is everything coming for you on the academic front?

GODSEY: Great, I received my degree last spring in Industrial Engineering. And I'm pursuing my Masters in Industrial Engineering which started this summer. So it will be tougher on me this fall, than last because our Industrial Engineering School is number one in the nation.

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