Ramos Needs to Make Sure

Lovejoy receiver and George Tech commit JuMichael Ramos has decided to take a last minute visit to North Carolina State. Ramos is now thinking that he needs to visit another school to make sure his decision was the right one.

Profile - JuMichael Ramos

Ramos has notified the Tech coaches that he is taking the trip and he will be talking to them when he returns from Raleigh. At that time, Ramos will announce his decision.

JuMichael has taken a look at North Carolina State's recruiting class and is aware that they have received multiple commits from receivers. "I am aware that they have picked up a fourth wide receiver for the 2013 class but I want to see what they have to offer."

The coaches at State have told Ramos that they have a great academic program for him to fall back on following his football career. "I feel I owe it to myself to make sure I am making the right decision."

Ramos told the Tech coaches that he needs to do this to be sure of the decision that he made. "I will tell them my plans as soon as I got back and talk things over with my family."

JuMichael's dad feels that Tech is the best place for him and wants him to commit to Tech. "My mom and my sister say they will support my decision mo matter where I go."

Teammate and Georgia Tech commit Travis Custis has also discussed things with Ramos. "He wants me to come in with him to Georgia Tech." While Travis would like Ramos to attend Tech, he knows Ramos has to do what is best for him.

Ramos will be heading to Raleigh this evening and will be returning Sunday afternoon. "I'm not sure how long of a drive it is but we should be back that afternoon."

There will be a few things that State will have to do for Ramos to switch his commitment. "They will have to show me the value of their degree." Ramos will also be looking to see where he fits on their depth chart. "I want to get playing time as a freshman."

Look for JuMichael to announce his decision this coming Monday.

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