Taylor Makes Plans for GT Junior Day

Georgia Tech continues to recruit the Washington, D.C. area. Gonzaga College High School defensive back Miles Taylor is the latest D.C. area recruit to receive an offer from Georgia Tech.

Profile - Miles Taylor

The offer from Tech was the first for Miles. "Coach (Joe) Speed offered me today." The offer from Tech came as a surprise to Taylor. It was an offer he wasn't expecting. "I am happy, excited, and this offer is special because it is my very first one."

Taylor was thankful to his coaches for helping him get the offer. "I want to thank my DB Coach Rome and the other coaches who have coached me to the point where I could get an offer of this type."

The offer from Tech puts them high on Taylor's list. "I really like Georgia Tech a lot."

Miles was in Atlanta last summer and had a chance to visit the Tech campus. "I love the campus and I love the fact that it is in downtown Atlanta." The thing that is most appealing to Taylor is the education he would receive at Tech. "They graduate their players into good jobs."

While Taylor plays safety for Gonzaga, he's not sure where Tech would want him to play. "Coach Speed wants to discuss that with me when I make a return trip to Georgia Tech on March 9th for their Junior Day."

The distance from D.C. to Atlanta will not be a factor for Miles in evaluating Tech. "It is only about an eleven hour drive and I live in ACC country. There are many schools around where my family could see me play."

Taylor's parents had similar reactions to his first offer that he did. "My dad was like me; shocked and happy. My mom was real happy to hear the news."

As Miles moves further along with his recruitment, he will be looking for a school that fits him and his family. Education will also be important to Miles. "For the time being, those two are the most important things."

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