Autry's Rehab Going Well

Schools recruiting Norcross athlete Myles Autry like his ability to display his talent at multiple positions as he showed in his team's run to the state championship. Myles continues his rehab from a knee injury, suffered in the playoffs, as he moves closer to returning for his senior season.

Profile - Myles Autry

Autry is happy with the progress he's making with his rehab. "It is going great. I am way ahead in my rehab." In spite of being ahead of schedule with his rehab, Autry will not take part in spring practice. Myles expects to be healthy and ready to go when his senior season starts.

Not being able to play basketball for Norcross as they move through the playoff has been frustrating for Autry. "It has been tough adjusting to watching and not playing."

Autry is pleased with the progress he's making with his recruitment. "I just got back from Georgia Tech where I spent the weekend with my brother and hung out with the players and had some good talks with the coaches." Myles has built some great relationships with the current players. "I had a great time at Tech this weekend."

Myles is often asked if he and his brother, Tech receiver Anthony Autry, talk about playing together in college. Both brothers like the idea and talked about it often growing up. "It is a good possibility it could happen but it is a long ways off until I will decide on a college."

Autry's next visit will be to Florida State this weekend. "I will probably visit Tennessee real soon." Georgia Tech, Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Florida State, Clemson, South Carolina, Auburn, and Tennessee are the schools Myles will try to visit for spring practice. "I will be going to spring games at Georgia Tech, Ohio State, and a couple of others." Top Stories