Searcy Holding Six Offers

Lamar County High School (GA) junior Qua Searcy recently picked up two new offers. One of the offers was a surprise and the other came from a school that has been staying in close contact with Qua.

Profile - Qua Searcy

The two recent offers came from Louisville and Georgia Tech. Searcy now has six offers and is staying in contact with all six schools. The offer from Louisville came out of nowhere. "I hadn't been talking with them and then the offer came."

Searcy had been in contact with Georgia Tech Coach Joe Speed prior to receiving the offer. "I talk with Coach Speed a lot and was glad to get that offer from them." Speed and Searcy often talk about academics and things that are going on in Searcy's life. "He tells me that he wants me at Georgia Tech next year as a defensive back."

Georgia Tech is a school that Qua will be taking a close look at as he moves forward with his recruitment. "They have a lot of what I am looking for in a school."

At the present time, Qua hasn't planned any spring visits. "I'd like to go to see Louisville and South Carolina." Qua has not previously visited either school. Qua doesn't have any plans to visit either in-state school. He has already visited both Georgia Tech and Georgia and knows a lot about both schools.

Don't look for an early decision from Searcy. "I will wait until my senior season is over before making my decision." Qua doesn't want to rush into a decision. "I will look at each school and see what type of academics they have and if they have a sports science or management degree." Top Stories