Blacknall Feeling More Comfortable With GT

Englishtown, New Jersey wide receiver Saeed Blacknall completed the second visit of his three school tour with a trip to Georgia Tech. Blacknall will complete his tour of schools with a tip to LSU.

Profile - Saeed Blacknall

Saeed toured the Georgia Tech campus and got a better perspective of Tech other than what he had seen online. "It was much better than I thought it would be." Blacknall was not aware that the school was in downtown in Atlanta. "I love that you still feel like you are on a college campus."

One of the highlights of the trip for Saeed was talking to the coaches. They let Saeed know that they'dbe opening up the playbook. "Seeing the facilities and knowing that the school is in downtown Atlanta were all pluses to me. The facilities are very good and I love the academic side of the institution."

The other school on the tour for Blacknall was Georgia. "It is vastly different from Georgia Tech." Their conference and the school setting were the differences Saeed pointed out. "Still it was a nice visit."

Saeed enjoyed both visits. He has an offer from Tech but has yet to receive an offer from Georgia. One of the two schools stood out to Saeed. "I like Georgia Tech a lot and feel more comfortable with them."

An offer from Georgia probably wouldn't change that. "Georgia Tech is unique and they really made me feel comfortable and I love everything about the school."

Blacknall would like to make a return visit to Tech but is not sure at this time if that is possible. "I have to see how my money situation is at the time."

Next up for Saeed is a trip to LSU and then he'll return home on Friday. Saeed still plans to take his time in making his college choice. Top Stories