Richardson Making the Rounds

Even though he's only a sophomore, Byrnes High School (SC) receiver Tavin Richardson, is already getting attention from some of the top programs around the South. Wednesday he visited one of those programs.

Profile - Tavin Richardson

Wednesday Tavin and his family made the trip to Atlanta to visit Georgia Tech. Tavin enjoyed the trip and was surprised by what he saw at practice. "I was surprised by the intensity of the practice. The players were responding well to the coaches."

The Tech coaches let Tavin know that he would be a good fit for their offense. Tavin is 6'4"-210 and that impressed the coaches. "They said I could put up huge numbers." As Tavin continues to grow, he'll be even bigger when he plays in college. "They said they need me out there."

Tavin and the Tech coaches both agree that his strength is going and getting the ball. "I have good skills positioning myself as the ball is in the air." Tavin feels he can show that skill when he faces man on man coverage.

An offer has not been extended to Tavin but he feels that will come. "They said they would love for me to come back for another practice, spring game, and their summer camp." Coach Paul Johnson also gave Tavin an open invitation to attend any home game. "I will make a few more trips this spring and I will come to the summer camp and fall games."

The trip to Tech may be the last for Tavin this spring besides returning to Tech. "I've already been to Maryland, North Carolina, and Georgia." Right now Maryland is the favorite of the four because they have offered.

Byrnes High School throws the ball 80% of the time. Tavin knows that he can still make an impact in an offense that throws less than that. "If you are a great receiver, you will put up huge numbers in the Tech offense."

When it comes time to make his decision, Tavin will be looking at the coaching staffs to see if he is a good fit with them. "I will look to see if they are genuine and to see if they will do what it takes to make you a better player." The atmosphere at the school will also be important to Tavin. Top Stories