Tech Has What Cason is Looking For

Clarkston High School, Michigan three star defensive back Tim Cason traveled to Atlanta over the weekend to attend a local combine. Cason also had a chance to spend some time visiting Georgia Tech and to watch them practice.

Profile - Tim Cason

Cason had the chance to watch Tech practice on Friday. "I talked with Coach (Joe) Speed and he asked me to come over and watch them practice." Tim arrived a little late to practice but was impressed with what he saw from the team and coaches.

The intensity of the practice and the teaching being done by the Tech coaches were two of the things that stood out to Cason. "They showed them right away what they did wrong and what they should have done. You could tell the coaches were on top of everything."

Cason also spent some time with defensive coordinator Ted Roof and his recruiting coach, Dave Walkosky. "Both of them and Coach Speed told me they had a chance to evaluate my film and they loved what they saw.

Tech would like to take four defensive backs in the 2014 class. "They will be looking at my film more this weekend to see if they want to go ahead and offer me now. An offer could be coming but they wanted to see more of me."

An offer to Cason could lead to the second defensive back commit for Tech in the 2014 class. "That is a very big possibility. I would need to talk with my family, especially my dad." Cason doesn't want to miss an opportunity like the one he sees at Tech.

The education he would receive at Tech and the coaches are the two things that stood out to Cason. "It's a combination of a lot of things that adds up to a school that has what I'm looking for."

A return visit to Tech may be sooner than everyone thinks. "I'll be here in Atlanta until Tuesday and Coach Walkosky invited me back. I'll do my best to get back over there." Top Stories