The future of Georgia Tech's 2001 campaign on the gridiron may lie in new strength player development Coach Ed Ellis. Coach Ellis comes from Wake Forest and has already been an asset to the Jackets program. Several players have posted their personal best in their core lifts since Coach Ellis has come on board. DA STING.COM recently caught up with Coach Ellis for a Q and A session to see how he feels about the Yellow Jackets.

                                   COACH ED ELLIS

DA STING: What's the major difference coming from a program like Wake Forest to Georgia Tech?

COACH ELLIS: The number one difference is the level of good athletes. Wake Forest has some, but you have alot of them here at Tech in all the sports.

DA STING: What do you feel separates the athletes?

COACH ELLIS: Here at Georgia Tech the athletes in all the sports really work hard. It really makes my job easier to see how committed the football team has been all summer.

DA STING: What has been your goal for the team over the summer?

COACH ELLIS: The main thing we want to do is get the team has strong has possible. They have done a good job with that, but we want to push them to next level. The more strength they have the less injuries during the season, our other main focus has been on the offensive and defensive lineman.

DA STING: Is there anything from a strenght point of view that you see that help us get over the Florida State hurdle?

COACH ELLIS: I think that we've just got to continue to keep pushing, it's gonna happen. They're going to be beat and I think this year is probably going to be the year.

DA STING: Give us a little bit of your background.

COACH ELLIS: Well I'm orginally from New York and I went to the University of Alabama on a track scholarship. I was an assitant at the University of Arkansas under John Stuckey who is now the strength coach for the Tennessee Titans. I also had stops at the University of Mississippi and Illinois State before spending my last seven years at Wake Forest.



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