Zanders' Latest Offer Shifts His Focus

Jacksonville Raines (FL) quarterback Marvin Zanders had Duke and Iowa State as his leaders for quite some time. A new offer from an ACC school has changed how Zanders is looking at things.

Profile - Marvin Zanders

The latest offer for Zanders comes from Georgia Tech. Zanders received the offer from Coach Lamar Owens and he has also talked with quarterbacks Coach Bryan Cook. Coach Owens likes Zanders style of play and his ability to make plays. "He really showed a lot of interest in me."

Coach Cook let Zanders know that they are looking for quarterbacks that brings the added dimension of a passing threat to the table. "He says in looking at my film that he knows I can run what the quarterbacks need to run in the offense and I also showed that I do bring that ability of being able to pass."

Zanders felt it was an honor to get an offer from Georgia Tech. "Getting a division 1 offer from the ACC is great and an offer from a school like Georgia Tech makes it even better. I am very grateful to get it."

Before getting the offer from Georgia Tech, Zanders had Duke and Iowa State as his leaders with Duke holding a slight lead. The new offer has changed his top two. "I feel that Georgia Tech and Duke are neck and neck but Iowa State is also right there."

Zanders has plans to attend the June 9th summer camp at Georgia Tech. While he is there, he will get to know more about the school. "I want to learn as much about the school as I can." Zanders will also be visiting other schools in June. He plans to make his decision in July or early August at the latest. "It will be an interesting next few weeks for me that is for sure." Top Stories