Durham Nearing a Decision

The long ride in Jacksonville, Florida defensive back Step Durham's recruitment may soon be over. Step is down to two schools and will be visiting both of them in early June. After those two visits, Step will make his college choice.

Profile - Stepheny Durham

Durham's dad told us that Step has dropped Ole Miss from his list and he is now down to Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt. "It wasn't anything they did. Step feels that Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt are better fits for him."

Step has the schools in the order listed. "Georgia Tech is on top and Vandy is trying to make a late and hard push for Step."

The next visit for Step will be to Vanderbilt on June 1st and then he and his dad will make a return visit to Georgia Tech on June 7th. "After those two visits, Step will be making his decision."

Step has a few things he'll be looking at in making his decision. "Basically we are looking for the school that will give Step the best education and he is looking at the depth chart to see how he will fit into the team's plans." Durham's relationship with the coaches will also be important.

Durham has kept in touch with Georgia Tech coaches Ted Roof and Joe Speed. "He really likes the fire and passion Coach Roof has for Georgia Tech and we both love how much Coach Speed is coming along as a coach. Both can teach Step a lot."

Right now the plans are for Step to enroll early after making his college choice. "The next 6 months will be Step's senior year." Step just completed another strong grading period. "He received 6 A's and 1 B."

"Once Step makes a decision, we will tell the other schools that Step has made up his mind and we do not like flip flopping. Step is man of his word and will be true to the school he chooses."

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