Gresham Opens It Back Up

Daniel Gresham is one of the top running backs in the state of Texas. At one Time, the Fort Worth recruit was committed to Texas but he felt he wasn't being true to Texas or himself. He has now reopened his recruitment.

Profile - Daniel Gresham

"Texas is a great school and all but I felt I wasn't being honest with myself and the coaches at Texas. I decided it was in my best interest to open it back up and find a school that was the best fit for me."

Right now Daniel has five schools that stand out to him with a possibility of a sixth school entering the picture. "The schools that stand out to me are Florida State, Alabama, Ole Miss, Arkansas, and Miami."

Gresham has plans to visit two of those schools. "On June 7th I will be going to Ole Miss for a visit and next week I will fly down to Miami for a visit."

There is a sixth school that could enter the picture for Gresham. "Georgia Tech is another school that I could have on my schools of interests list." Daniel has family in Atlanta and he'd like to visit them and Georgia Tech.

Daniel likes what he see from the offense that Tech runs. "I've watched film of Jonathon Dwyer in the offense and feel I could also be a force in it." Daniel feels there's a 75% chance that he'll make the visit. "If I make the visit, it will be in late June or early July."

Gresham feels that a visit to Tech will put them in the running for his verbal. He likes the offense and loves the city of Atlanta. Having family in Atlanta would help Tech's chances. "My parents work for American Airlines so the distance would not be a problem."

Daniel is looking for a school that will give him a degree that helps him get a great job. He will also be looking at the caliber of the football program and the coaches on the staff. "I don't want to be just a number on the depth chart. I want to be able to contribute and have coaches that really push me both academically and athletically." Top Stories