Deiter's Latest Offer

Genoa, Ohio offensive lineman Michael Deiter has seen his recruitment gather steam as the evaluation period progresses. Deiter currently holds eight Offers and an invitation to attend camp at one of those schools.

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Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Wisconsin, West Viriginia, Illinois, Miami of Ohio, Toledo, and Bowling Green are the eight schools that have offered.

The latest offer came from Georgia Tech and Coach Dave Walkosky. Walkosky visited Genoa and talked with Deiter's coach about the offer. "I've talked with him on the phone and he said that I had a scholarship offer.

At 6' 5"-295, Tech is looking at Deiter as a guard or possibly a tackle. Footwork and run blocking are two of Deiter's strongest traits. "I've played hockey all my life so I feel I get a lot of my athleticism and footwork from playing hockey."

Pass blocking is an area of his game that Deiter wants to improve. "At my high school, we run almost all the time and I really concentrate on my run blocking." Deiter would also like to get stronger.

"Coach Walkosky invited me to come down for a visit either on June 7th or June 9th for their summer camp." Deiter is talking with his coach and family to decide on which day he'll visit.

If Deiter decides to visit on the 7th, he'll likely visit with his parents. "If I come down for the camp on the 9th, it will be me and my head coach." His coach could also possibly come on the earlier visit. "I do know I would very like to come down there. I'll just have to see how the plans work out."

Deiter doesn't have any other visits planned at this time. "Nebraska and Wisconsin both want me to come to their camps and I will try to make them as well."

A decision day for Deiter will probably come before the start of his senior season. "I am seeing my recruitment pick up and new offers are coming in so I want to see what happens before I make my decision."

Deiter's comfort level and the tradition of the school will be two important factors in his decision. Distance is also a slight factor. "I don't want to be too far away from home. A city like Atlanta isn't too far away and would be okay in my eyes." Top Stories