If Georgia Tech wants to truly have a shot at it's lofty goals for this year, a second threat at receiver must emerge to take the pressure off of Kelly Campbell. Will Glover feels that he is ready to take that next step and become the playmaker that the Jackets can count on. In the 2000 campaign Glover was Tech's second-leading receiver with 29 receptions for 286 yards and two touchdowns. In the grudge match with Florida State Glover lead all receiver's with seven catches for 62 yards.....



Glover was a force against Navy as well with two touchdown receptions. He did an outstanding job against NC State with six receptions for 68 yards. Then just when it looked like Glover was on track to have a huge year the injury bug bit him. Glover played sparingly over the season, until he was finally a 100 percent against Georgia where he lit the Bulldogs up for 71 yards with seven receptions. No longer wanting to be looked at as just a possession receiver Glover sat down with DA STING to talk about making an impact in his upcoming Junior year.

DA STING: Last year you started the first five games before getting injured. How tough was it for you to deal with that?

WILL GLOVER: Well last year at the beginning of the season we had a new Quarterback in "Goose" and no one knew what to expect. So the offense was really simplfied and I was able to play a big part and step up for the team early because Kelly Campbell was hurt. The coaches gave me an opportunity and I made the best of it.

DA STING: At the end of the season you where able to sort of work your way back into the lineup. Tell us how you came back.

WILL GLOVER: Well at the college level one thing alot of people don't really understand is how good everyone is from a talent standpoint. My injury presented an opportunity for Nate Curry to step up and he did a great job for us. So it was difficult for me to work my way back into the lineup. But I finally did work my back in, and it worked out great in our big game against Georgia.

DA STING: So what was the game plan this summer to get ready for this year?

WILL GLOVER: I have really been taking it serious in the weight room and during our pass skelly sessions when we would get together. All the receivers feel it's important for us to have a big chemistry together because we're the most experienced group on the team. So we have to act has leaders and I'm taking that role very serious.

DA STING: What role can you see yourself in this season?

WILL GLOVER: Well being that Kelly and Nate have the pure speed, I think I have the best moves. I want to be a playmaker this year, everytime I touch the ball I want to be a threatt to score. People don't realize I haven't even come close to showing the kind of player I can really be at Georgia Tech. I want my ability to make people miss to really shine this year.

DA STING: It wouldn't be fair if I didn't ask you, what is it going take to finally beat Florida State this year?

WILL GLOVER: All of us coming together  and really viewing the victory. I think all of us think we can win, but we all need to know that we can win by seeing in our minds the victory.

DA STING: How things on the Academic front for you?

WILL GLOVER: Everthing is going well, I'm majoring in Business Management and Finance and last semester I had a 3.0 grade point average. So things are looking good for me there.

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