Williams Will Soon be Down to Five Schools

Four star Durham Hillside (N.C.) running back Donte Williams is ranked as the number 23 running back by Scout.com. Williams has accumulated close to 20 offers. Donte is getting ready to pare that list of offers to a top five.

Profile - Donte Williams

I am hearing from a lot of schools and some schools have really stepped up their recruitment of me." West Virginia, Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State, and Georgia Tech are some of the schools that have established relationships with Donte.

Donte has built a good relationship with Georgia Tech Coach Dave Walkosky. Coach Bryan Cook has take over Donte's recruitment and is now responsible for the North Carolina territory. "I like Georgia Tech and what they have to offer." Donte made a visit to Tech in the spring.

Donte is close to naming a top five and he knows three schools that will make the list. "Clemson, West Virginia, and Notre Dame probably will be there." Schools like Tech and Florida State have made up some ground in William's eyes but they have some work to do to get on the list. "I might be pretty sure on some schools but that list could change at anytime depending on how they start recruiting me and as I get to know more about them."

By mid June to mid July, Donte will have his top five. At this time, Donte doesn't have any plans to visit the schools that are recruting him. "I feel that some time over the summer I will be visiting Georgia Tech, Florida State, and other schools on my list."

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