Tech Solid in James' Top Four

Springfield, Ohio linebacker Davonte James and his family traveled to Atlanta for Friday's cookout at Georgia Tech. The visit solidified Tech's place in James' top four and a summer decision could be coming.

Profile - Davonte James

"We really had a good time and we're glad we drove down for the event." While he was at the cookout, Davonte also talked with players, coaches and other recruits.

James had a chance to talk to all of the coaches on the Tech staff. "They all wanted me to make sure they made feel at home while I was there. They told me that they were very glad I was able to come for the cookout and each and every one of them told me that they really wanted me to come to Georgia Tech and be a part of the Jacket family. That was a nice touch and I liked it a lot."

The Tech players that talked to James let him know what to expect and they let him know how different Tech was and how much they liked it there. "They told me how the program prepares you athletically and academically. I loved what they had to say and it did leave an impression on me."

While he did have a great time on the visit, James feels he needs to visit three more schools before making a decision in July. "I will go to Purdue, West Virginia, and Alabama." Davonte's decision will come from Tech and those three schools. All have offered with the exception of Alabama. James is not ready to name a leader at this time. Top Stories