GT AD Mike Bobinski Q&A - Part 2 of 3

In part two of our Q & A session with Georgia Tech athletic director Mike Bobinski, the subject turns to the Georgia Tech revenue sports. Bobinski talks about the recent coaching hires in football, the upgrade with the recruiting staff, where we are with basketball, what the baseball program needs to do to get to the next level, and fan support. – How did the recent hires on the football staff come about?

Mike Bobinski – "The hires came about by virtue of normal attrition of Coach Bohannon moving up and other things happening from the pure football coaching staff. This provided us with the opportunity to bring competent coaches into the mix. I like how Coach Johnson went about that. He had a real thought in mind."

"Hiring Ted Roof as the defensive coordinator was a big hire. You're bringing in a guy who has a proven track record. He's a high level coach that has the ability to get his side of the ball to play at a high level. A lot of credit to Coach Johnson and Georgia Tech to to attract Ted and to get him to leave an established program like Penn State. It wasn't easy to get Ted to consider the move."

"Mike Pelton has coached at a high level. He has instant credability with our players. He understands what it takes to play the defensive line position at a high level. He knows what kind of athletes you need as well as the recruiting side of things."

"On the offensive side when Brian Bohannon moved on to Kennesaw, we went through an interesting process. Coach intentionally picked Bryan Cook. He brought a tremendous work ethic, a great recruiting track record, a familiarity with our offense, and he's bringing some new wrinkles to our offense that will be positive and fun to watch incorporated into our offense."

"I like the energy level all three bring and that translates. Guys that have that energy and fire you can tell they are here to get things done and that is infectious. I really feel good about that." – There were also hires on the player personnel staff that will affect recruiting.

Mike Bobinski – "When Coach Bohannon left, he took Liam with him. That allowed Coach Johnson to re-imagine our recruiting operation and function. This has been in the works for some time and we had conversations about it my first day here. He presented to me a strategy moving forward. It made a lot of sense to me. Through the process of replacing Coach Bohannon, Matt Griffin was a coaching candidate that we had spoken to and his profile and background really lent itself to this recruiting area. Matt is a focused guy. He is an organized guy. He has a plan and a strategy. Adding additional personnel to that staff will be a whole lot more cutting edge and appropriate for how recruiting gets done these days. We're in the game. We're all in. That will pay dividends moving forward. Matt has great people skills and he'll be the air traffic controller for the rest of the staff. He has the respect and the attention of the coaches." - The new facilities for basketball has to be a plus for Coach Brian Gregory and Georgia Tech?

Mike Bobinski – "I'm familiar with basketball at a high level. We have all the pieces. We're in a good place. We have a young roster with talent. It will be great and interesting for me to watch that group grow. The ACC with the additions of Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Notre Dame is very exciting to me. Winning this league will be a war of attrition. You don't have to win the league to be great. You have to find a way to be in that upper group. From a recruiting perspective, you want to be able to present that to perspective players. You can play against the best players year in and year out. What we have to offer is pretty appealing." – Baseball has experienced a tremendous growth nationally. What does Georgia Tech have to do to get to the next level?

Mike Bobinski – "We have commissioned an engineering study to do some things to Russ Chandler Stadium. We already have a playing surface that I don't think there is a better one in the country. It is beyond spectacular. It's the back of the house that we need help and work. We're hopeful to arrive at a plan that is doable. The other challenge is to develop the money sources to make it happen. That is an important piece of our program as we move ahead."

"I had a chance to watch our team in the spring and I was with them at the regionals in Nashville. We had some talent. Seven of the players were drafted. It was noteable that only Buck Farmer and Grimes were pitchers. I think depth on the mound is something we need to develop. Coach Hall mentioned that to me before I could see it on my own. We need to be able to do that to become that team. If we were deeper in pitching this year then maybe we're in the super regionals. I'd like us to be that program that gets to that level. We're not far away. There's definitely a step we can take to get to that next level. We're committed to doing so. I'm a college baseball guy. I have a great interest in doing whatever I can to be helpful to our baseball program. – How will you address the issue of fan support?

Mike Bobinski – "It's an issue that is important on a couple of levels. There's nothing like a full house in whatever venue it is. There's an energy and a feeling that is created when you have a full place. It changes everything when you fill a place up. When I look at the top college football programs around the country, more often than not, their places are full. As a Georgia Tech community, if we want our program to be as successful as it can be, part of that is everybody jumping on board. We need to be inviting. We need to be welcoming. We need to paint a positive picture. It needs to be as easy as possible for folks to get here. We need to do our part also."

"There are a lot of people in the Atlanta region with no allegiance. We need to be inviting to them. The Georgia Tech football experience isn't exclusive to the Georgia Tech community. We'd love the stadium to be full of Georgia Tech people but to the extent that this is not possible, we need to fill in the gaps with people looking for a great college football experience. We want to offer that opportunity in this community. This is a great place to watch football. There is nothing where you feel you are disengaged from the action. We need to make that reality known to folks. Over time I think we can get that done. The football program is organized and headed in the right direction." Top Stories