GT AD Mike Bobinski Q&A - Part 3 of 3

In the third and final part of our interview with Georgia Tech athletic director Mike Bobinski, we talk about the various issues pertaining to the ACC and Georgia Tech. Mike gives us his first impressions of the ACC, it's leadership, and the league's current transition period. – What is your viewpoint on the eight game schedule?

Mike Bobinski – "I understand the rationale for it. We'll want to see how the world evolves from a playoff perspective. Whatever the best strategy is for our league to put teams in that playoff, is what we should be doing. It's too premature to determine what that strategy should be."

"From a Georgia Tech perspective, we have a nice game each year that's significant and is going to be played at a high level. We already have a nine game schedule. Do you want ten is the question? Paul Johnson is very much for the eight game schedule. I'm comfortable to stay with the decision where we are now." - There has been a lot of talk about division realignment. As it stands now, Louisville will take Maryland's slot. Are you satisfied with the way it stands now?

Mike Bobinski – "At our meeting, we didn't advance the concept of remaking divisions. We know it's going to be a challenge whether you're on the Atlantic or the Coastal side. Our challenge as a league is to grow the overall sense of the product and eliminate the perception that we're not at the level of some of these other conferences."

"As time goes by, I think the ideal thing we be that it doesn't matter if you're in the Atlantic or the Coastal Division. That's the way it should be. I've always been one that wants to earn it by playing the best teams along the way. I think it's going to be indistinguishable from a competitive side as to who is going to be stronger or weaker." – You're one of the new guys in the ACC. What was your impression of the ACC meetings and how they were run?

Mike Bobinski – "The ACC is in an interesting transition period with new membership and trying to figure out how all that is going to fit and we're going to remake ourselves from an identity standpoint with new geographic areas.

"I've known John Swofford for a long time. We began our careers working for the same guy doing the same job. John has done a great job of positioning the ACC. The challenge now is to take that positioning and make something of it. We have to figure out how to make this league greater. The possibilities are limitless as we move forward. I'm excited to be in the league and I think it's the right place for Georgia Tech. As our league has evolved, it's the right place for Georgia Tech." – With Notre Dame now in the equation, how are things shaking out with scheduling and what effect will it have?

Mike Bobinski – "We play Notre Dame in 2015 and then it will cycle in and out. We haven't gotten to the back end of that yet. We'll get them back here in a to be determined date. I'm anxious for the league to roll that out and let us know how it's going to play. In football, it's a magnetic entity from a fan interest. They have a tremendous national presence. It's a positive thing for the ACC." – There has been a lot of talk about changing championship venues for basketball. Greensboro has been a strong host. What do you see moving forward?

Mike Bobinski – "Greensboro has a long-standing history with the ACC. They have been and will continue to be good partners. They are the home of the ACC offices. As we move forward, we need to be very respectful of Greensboro's place. From our league's perspective, we have to put our championships in an appropriately balanced way in the very best settings. This will be from from an image standpoint and an exposure standpoint in our geographic footprint. All this makes a ton of sense."

"Greensboro will always be in the rotation, and rightly so, because they've done a great job and they are heavily invested in the ACC. We need to be forward thinking and explore all possibilities. Tradition is a great thing except when you don't consider other things. It's a great starting point and you don't want to cast it aside." Top Stories